Wednesday, October 29, 2008


What has been disturbing me for the last few weeks is the Blast in Imphal and the reactions(actually lack of them).I did post my comments on Ibnlive site sometime back but felt my blog also must carry this coverage.
Blast took place about three weeks back and it was reported that 17 people lost their lives.Pity,and my heartfelt condolences to the families who lost their loved ones.
Unfortunately,there were'nt many reactions from the people who matter.No Minister went to Imphal for on the spot survey,Home minister did not make oft repeated statements on terror,Congress and BJP spokespersons did not make customery statements condenming the dirty and cowardly act.
Now imagine the scene when similar blasts took place in Gujarat,Delhi,Hyderabad.Noone with normal vocal cord missed the opuurtunity in making loud enough noise and comments and managed to get themselves on the TV so that they could be heard and seen.Home Minister accompnied Mrs Gandhi to Gujarat after the blast,Prime Minister also visited Gujarat,All the highend and high TRP TV channels did'nt miss an oppurtunity in showing their concern on the state of affairs,various panel discussions were held at the TV studios,usual blame games were played,viewers were asked to send in their comments(why not make some money out of SMSs) normal blame game was played,intelligence agency were blamed,UPA was blamed,BJP was blamed for over reacting etc.Around the same time, as Imphal blasts ,few more incidents took place
1 India won the Mohali match
2 Tendulkar created new world record
3 Adventures of Raj Thackeray were on
4 India was getting ready for Moon name a few
Somone must sit back and tell the nation as to which news amongst the above got the maximum coverage on TV , was it Imphal? How much concern did the Govt show on Imphal blasts where 17 people lost their lives?Why this discrimination between Imphal and Gujarat,Delhi,Hyderabad?
Noone cares.Every action of the establishment is vote based.Every action is in direct propotion to the number of Lok Sabha seats.When will we start showing our concern for the entire Nation as one Nation?Every single individual,every Political party,Print media,Electronic media,The babus are responsible for the state of affairs.It is time they all did a bit of soul searching.Let us not wait for divine intervention.

B K Chowla

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It is very unfortunate that an important Minister, PRD Munshi is not well.Pappu wishes him a speedy recovery.
At times,one wonders how the Ministers manage to get the best medical treatment,especially in the hospitals where patients are lying on the floor for days and nights together waiting for their turn.May be,some of them have serious problems...may be uncurable.Everyone can't be lucky to have treatment from famous Dr like Dr Den Henley from John Hopkins University Hospital.A section of the press carried news item that he was flown in to look into the condition of Dasmunshi.Who paid for it is not important.What is important is that a minister needed best medical attention..which he got.Sometime back there was news that one ex PM has had medical treatment for his kidney ailment at a premium hospital in London.Who paid for it is not important.More important is that an ex PM of the country got his treatment.
Pappu is not wanting to know of the expenses incurred on similar treatments at time when India has the best medical facilities and is promoting medical tourism..Pappu may be wanting to know mera number kab ayega.
Only the other day Metronation,a popular TV channel had studio guests on medical facilities .Discussions centered around GTB hospital in Delhi.It was shocking to hear that the hospital does'nt have enough gloves,critical machines are not working,there is shortage of Doctors.One of the panelists had the guts to tell us that they cant find enough Doctors.Sec,Health informed the panel that providing money to the health sector was not a problem.Most interesting reply to this came from Dr Dave..ex Director AIIMS....yes money is not a problem but when the Hospital puts in request fror becomes a file and goes around.It was also stated that to establish one AIIMS,they need Rs 500cr.Is it too much money for the health of the poor in the country? I wish some one tells Pappu of the total NPAs to banks from the industry...we might be able to ,perhaps,build 100+ AIIMS in the country from that amount.Decision lies with the establishment, do they want friendly industry or healthy youth who will one day take this nation to greater heights.Instead of worrying about the administration of AIIMS and smoking ban in the movies,it may be worth for the Health Minister to take a round of few hospitals to see for himself the condition of the waiting patiants...they are lying on the floor.There are'nt chairs, there is no provision for drinking water,condition of the toilets is terrible,cleaneness is next to godliness was only in the school books.However,all this is not so in the special(vip)wards.
Perhaps, time has now come to wake up to reality of the situation and do take some corrective steps.More than 80crore people in the country do'nt have basic medical facility..establishment must think of them besides thinking of the VIPs and their treatments in India and abroad at the tax payers expense...will some NGO please read this and take up this cause.Pappu is actually suffering...look after him.He needs attention.

B K Chowla

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A TYPICAL DAY B k chowla

It was again Monday,the laziest day of the week.Pappu got up as usual in the morning and was happy that there was water in the tap.Excited,he told his wife the good news of water but realised,there was'nt electricity,so he had a cold water bath.
Pappu read the morning news about aviation sector having sacked 800 staff.Worried he was , there was fear of prospective sacking in the BPO sector also.Whilst leaving for work,Pappu tried to explain to his wife on the slow down in the US economy and the consequences for Indian BPOs.Most unconcened,she reminded him to get ALOO and SHIMLA MIRCH from the weekly market in the evening(Rs 17 and Rs 69/kg)

Pappu drove his scooter very carefully on the left side avoiding all the pot holes and the under construction metro flyover as yesterday one collapsed crushing Blueline bus and few cars(they say some people died and the contractor was fined).As a consequence of driving slow,Pappu reached late to work.He was told ,HR is holding a meeting with the management to decide on the fate of the excess staff.He held his breath(was worried about ALOO and shimla mirchi) till he was told he was in safe zone due to intervention of the Govt as in case of aviation staff .Confidentially,Pappu came to know that they actually got saved as it was MD's daughter's birthday and he was in good mood.(they dined at the TAJ and signed the credit card worth crisis you see)Pappu called home to say he will leave in time...he normally uses office landline as incoming on his wife's mobile is free.In case of emergency,she gives him a missed call.On his way back ,he stopped at the weekly market but price was Rs 20 and Rs 72/kg respectively.Keeping his budget in mind,he bought lesser qty to compensate for the price increase.

On reaching home,while listening to TV news he was happy,there was electricity,petrol prices were not raised,gas still has subsidy,Rs strenthened by 1.5 paise against Dollar,there was'nt any bomb blast the whole day ,Govt assured they will not tolerate any terror attacks,there was'nt any breaking news that inflation had gone up,Parliament woked the lowest number of days this year in history..hence less voilence in the Parliament,there was no threat to the Govt from any partner,sensex was above 10000 level,there was assurance from Finance Minister that economy is in good shape except growth will be slow(Rs is weaking against the $),banks are safe so are deposits,CM assured that there will be judicial enquiry on flyover collapse,compensation was announced for the family of the dead(they should consider a seperate budget allocation for compensations in the next Finance bill),penalty was imposed on the contractor of the flyover,there is hope that BPOs also may be considered for a bailout package
.Pappu was very relaxed till his wife asked him of the prices of ALOO and SHIMLA MIRCHI.He tried explaning her of the meaning of all the assurances the Govt has givenon the TV.She was quite upset that Kunki....Tulsi is going off air after 8 years from 10th NOV, and the Govt has'nt yet appointed an commission of enquiry.Pappu was about to retire for the day and looking forward to another good and safe day tomorrow and Pappu's wife was in her own thoughts,contend with small happy moments with Tulsi...we are all busy with our own day to day problems...till the candidates come asking for votes without even telling us as to was the fate of last election promises.We still do'nt know the power of our vote.
B K Chowla

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Question of the day

Who should be held responsible for Sonu's Death in Agra due to sheer negligeance?What steps should administaration be taking in future to avoid such unfortunate incidents?

Thursday, October 9, 2008


India is the biggest Democracy in the world. Independent media has played a very important role in this great Indian democracy. We can not forget the role of the media in 1975 .
However, over the years,media has changed,expanded,emerged stronger and performed its duty. Not to mention Barkha Dutt's reporting during Kargil. There are so many more examples I can quote of brave and impartial reporting. If media has changed, so have the people who are elected to manage the democracy....will we ever see another Pt Nehru, Sardar Patel, Babu Jagjivan Ram, Shastriji, Sr Baldev Singh, Ms Indira Gandhi and so many more. Never a finger was raised on their integrity. From the present elected members one can hardly find one person who can be compared to them. Media, perhaps has failed to some extent in bringing the facts to the people of the country. If at all, at times media has actually buckled.
To say media is not biased or doesn't have favourites, will not be true. I was travelling in last week of September...there were blasts all over. I called my home in Delhi to enquire if all is well at home, a normal concern for the head of the family to ask. I was told, thankfully, all is well and on questioning on the headlines, I was told one popular English Daily carried news on the front page that Mr Rahul Gandhi and Ms Priyanka Vadra had gone for morning walk to Lodi Gardens. Even blasts were covered. Point is not why were they covered on front page? Point is different.
Last six months the inflation has been a cause of worry. Yes, every Thursday evening it was breaking news on all the channels..inflation hits so many years reported the reaction of all the important Ministers and without exception, it was party line, that the international price of oil is the real villain at $130 plus...fine.
Now that the oil is down to $90 or so, has any senior reporter gone to all those who were cursing the villain, to ask Sir, now that the oil is at $90 why is the inflation high? No ,no one has done this and they wont.
I am not saying even once that Media is not responsible. I am just making a point.
Take the Arushi murder case....can the media say they were fair.? Did they handle that case well? People have their own view but let me say, general public was quite sick of the way media went about the entire case.
Like all of us, media has and should shoulder some social responsibility.In every forum we talk of TV reaching 'x' million homes in India.Which channel has ever carried carried a message say KEEP YOUR CITY CLEAN.......MSG AGAINST SMOKING.....ONE INDIA ONE COMMUNITY,MSG ON COMMUNAL HARMONY,DRUNKEN DRIVING.
There can be millions of msgs...each channel has copywriters but where is the initiative.I am not saying once,media is not doing its job, all of us they could do better as they have very vast reach and resources.
Week-ends the studios are converted into AKHARAS. Some of the famous phrases are
Would you like to defend yourself. so and so has accused of....
I want an answer from you YES OR NO
They have called you irresponsible party....what is your take
Would you like to react to his charge.........
Please rewind any weekend programme,you will hear all these phrases. In fact, when I watch one of these programmes I can actually speak the next so routine and predictable. I am not saying even once, media is not doing its is, but it can do better. Still Indian media is good, it also entertains, as for one Hindi News channel they say that punch line should be WE ALSO READ NEWS. Keep us all informed, giving us reasons to watch the best channel. It is the best who wins. Very soon, media will get once again an opportunity....elections are round the corner.

Monday, October 6, 2008



Some tips
1 Load upon fruits and greens.They are made up mainly of water and fibre,which have no calories.
2 Keep fattyfoods to a minimum.Things like fried chicken wings,mayonnaise and sausages could make your waistline bulge.
3 Shelve the salt shaker and hold off on adding sugar to coffee.
4 Avoid eating processed foods such as hamburgers,pattiesand luncheon meat. They contain hidden fat.Opt for for dishes made from freshly ground lean meat.
5 Drink two glasses of water before meals or snack time.This will keep hunger pangs at bay.
6 Halve your food intake.Share your meals withyour dining partners or even order children's meals if you are in a resturant.
7 If you feel hungry in between meals,drink a glass of water or eat a piece of fruit.
8 Aim walking 10000 steps a day,which is appx an hour-long stroll at a brisk pace.After all, walking is free.
9 Avoid crash diets. Aconsistent weight loss plan is more sustainable in the long run
source.t.h.e.A2z diet

Friday, October 3, 2008

News Broadcasters Association.NBA

Finally,the broadcasters have realised the importance of self-regulation and formed an association headed by Justice Verma.Media had actually forgotten the limits in which they should operate. Arushi is only one case.Since the editors concerned have realised and taken action,i would not discuss other cases where they crossed the limits. However,now i would like to congratulate them and wish them best of luck.In any case , with Justice Verma at the helm of affairs,things will be under control.I shall take up the media as a subject seperately in the blog.In the meantime,
B K Chowla

Thursday, October 2, 2008


PAPPU, the common man was sitting besides his hut,watching the flood waters wash away his belongings.He looked towards the sky and saw a helicopter ,Mantriji,was on an arieal survey of the area..and soon flew back. Only a couple of months ago,PAPPU was sitting there looking at the sky and praying for some rain for his fields and the drinking water needs of the town.

From a passer by,PAPPU enquired if the man knew anything about the person who flew over the area.He was told that the person was a VIP and tried to explain to him what a VIP is and he said,

VIP is a person who comes to you as PAPPU for your votes before elections and promises you Roads,Electricity,Water,Schools,Hospitals,Jobs etc and we decide to trust him and send him to the Parliament to represent the constituancy.Pressures at the Parliament,gives him the status of VIP,which entitles him Free furnished housing,Free electricity,Free water,Free telephone,Free car,Petrol,Driver etc but he is very concerned about your welfare,hence ex chequer gives him Rs2 crores per year to look after his constituancy.,this is besides his salary,Free air travel,free train travel and free medical attendence and not to forget security as now he suffers from a report called threat perception.All this is only for you, because, if he is not comfortable he will not be able to look after his constituancy.

PAPPU was surprised and said but all that you have mentioned above is what he promised me/us before we cast our vote and sent him to Parliament... i was promised Roads School,Hospital,Electricity,job,housing and a lots more.

Because you/we trusted him,he is now a VIP and we are all PAPPU,s

He has everything promised to you...and you are looking towards the sky Rain, Mantriji, or Helicopter? Only a VIP can tell you.

In 61 yrs we have created only VIPs


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Blog


This my first blog and hope this will reach maximum bloggers.I intend posting periodically various issues concerning India...Politics,Education,Child development,Girl child,Terrorism,Youth,Internal security,Industry,SEZ etc.

My intention is to create awareness specially among the Indian youth on all these issues and for us to make a better india of tomorrow.

BK Chowla