Wednesday, October 29, 2008


What has been disturbing me for the last few weeks is the Blast in Imphal and the reactions(actually lack of them).I did post my comments on Ibnlive site sometime back but felt my blog also must carry this coverage.
Blast took place about three weeks back and it was reported that 17 people lost their lives.Pity,and my heartfelt condolences to the families who lost their loved ones.
Unfortunately,there were'nt many reactions from the people who matter.No Minister went to Imphal for on the spot survey,Home minister did not make oft repeated statements on terror,Congress and BJP spokespersons did not make customery statements condenming the dirty and cowardly act.
Now imagine the scene when similar blasts took place in Gujarat,Delhi,Hyderabad.Noone with normal vocal cord missed the opuurtunity in making loud enough noise and comments and managed to get themselves on the TV so that they could be heard and seen.Home Minister accompnied Mrs Gandhi to Gujarat after the blast,Prime Minister also visited Gujarat,All the highend and high TRP TV channels did'nt miss an oppurtunity in showing their concern on the state of affairs,various panel discussions were held at the TV studios,usual blame games were played,viewers were asked to send in their comments(why not make some money out of SMSs) normal blame game was played,intelligence agency were blamed,UPA was blamed,BJP was blamed for over reacting etc.Around the same time, as Imphal blasts ,few more incidents took place
1 India won the Mohali match
2 Tendulkar created new world record
3 Adventures of Raj Thackeray were on
4 India was getting ready for Moon name a few
Somone must sit back and tell the nation as to which news amongst the above got the maximum coverage on TV , was it Imphal? How much concern did the Govt show on Imphal blasts where 17 people lost their lives?Why this discrimination between Imphal and Gujarat,Delhi,Hyderabad?
Noone cares.Every action of the establishment is vote based.Every action is in direct propotion to the number of Lok Sabha seats.When will we start showing our concern for the entire Nation as one Nation?Every single individual,every Political party,Print media,Electronic media,The babus are responsible for the state of affairs.It is time they all did a bit of soul searching.Let us not wait for divine intervention.

B K Chowla


Pankaj Shah said...

The Government & the Nation seems to have got used to, to the blasts everywhere, at the same time what has Impal generated or perhaps paid back to the MP's or Ministers. Where as here on news channels there are only 2 major citts that we see Mumbai & Delhi. The Government both Congress & BJP and alliance have never bothered to give any attention to any other citys or towns, because of this we have parties like MNS who has the right of this kind only in India. If the Government would have worked policy on Bihar and MP or Up for instance people from other states are not willing to work in another state. But as all the politicians say 'Winning is not everything.....Its the only thing'

BK Chowla, said...

Absoluetely,I agree with you.Change can come only when youngsters like yourselves become active and vote not for note...only for the Nation.

Unknown said...

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