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My comments on IBNLIVE...B K Chowla

'Ban Bajrang Dal, protect Christians in India' Read story

Posted by Karan Thapar at 02:44 AM, Sep 29, 2008 in India
Vincent Concessao says the church does not serve to get converts.

Posted by bchowla at 04:46 AM, Sep 29, 2008
Again,Karan Thapar's entire interview smells of bias,and a precnceived notions.In fact ,read the text again and one will realise it is he who was actually prompting Concessao as to what answer to give and detailing meaning of what he said.
Surprised,Karan ,i used to look forward to your programmes.Not any more..Modi's..Arun Jaitley..Aroon Shourie they all put you in your place.You need to change Karan.

B K Chowla
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Saturday, November 29, 2008

My comments on IBNLIVE...B K Chowla

Bold step: Maharashtra govt legalises live-in relationship Read story

Posted by IBNLive at 01:46 AM, Oct 09, 2008 in India

The proposal was passed a meeting chaired by CM Deshmukh.

Posted by bchowla at 11:35 AM, Oct 10, 2008
I think it is not only bold but quite silly.I am saying this in view of this Govt having double standards.Mr CM, it was your own Govt which banned and left thousounds of bar girls job less.Bar girls are bad girls and live-in ralationships are good.
It is time our politicians stop living with double standards.May be at this late stage you can think of the poor bar girls,and why not since we are now more modern.

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Friday, November 28, 2008

MumbaiBurning......Wake-up call.......B K Chowla

cont from previous incomplete blog........
we can add any number of people who can be trusted.


B K Chowla

MumbaiBurning......Wake-up call.......B K Chowla

A lot of expalnation is needed.
Said to be 26 odd terrosists ,who quietly walk into the city from the Gateway of India as if they were going for a picnic.No one sees them?
What were the Coastal Guards doing when the terroists walked in with the Guns?
Is'nt the Indian Navy on gaurd in the India waters all the time?
At what time did the Home Minister know of the attack?
At what time did the Home Minister sitting in Delhi take action?
Could he have saved the situation had he taken action?
Why was'nt there any intelligence input?
Does the country have something called Maritime Security Establishment?
Army and NSG are the great hero, who face the bullets but are not cared for when the 6th pay commission sits.
Three most decorated Sr officers of the ATS are killed.
Was it right and decent of Mr Shakeel Ahmed,on newsx, to give stastics of terror attacks during NDA rule? He is a Minister and spokesman of Congress. I don't think PM or Sonia Gandhi should tolerate such nonsense from their Ministers.
Why talk of Police reforms today? Has it not been long over-due.?
Do we really expect the Police to fight terror with Lathi?Terrorists have sattelite phones.Why is it taking ages to provide latest equipment to the police?
One sees heavily armed police guarding the VIPs..Why can't the common man be protected by police with better equipment? Isn't the life of common man of any value?
Haresh Salve,in recent interview to a TV channel had said, they(VIPs) are rulers and we are the subjects. Wasn't he right?
How will the country face rest of the world with silly excuses?
How long will we talk of X% growth? Growth of and for what ?After this attack,will India get
investment and tourism?Growth for what when 70% of the population is still earning less than Rs 20 per day.
How long will the FM boast of Revenue collection figures?Are we a welfare nation or a company who is talking of it's profits?
Isn't this,partly,result of wrong people at the wrong postings?Why should the postings be based on peronal preferences and political and electoral considerations?
Don't we believe that the world is laughing at us?
How did the USA protect itself and it's people after 9/11?
Why can't we learn from them?
Why can't we take a hard stand even at the cost of losing power?
What good is the power ,if ,it does not take one into pages of History?
Will any leader of today get place in the history?Sorry,no, it is the names of the NSG and ATS officers who will.
World newspapers have carried the terror story on front pages...can we defend ourselves in front of the world community? Can we ever say that we did our best?Will they trust us?
How long will we blame Pak ..... rightly so?How long will we have to bear with adventures of Pak?Why are we not able to take on Pak?Are we worried about international reaction? Did George Bush ask any one for the action he took?He may be unpopular,but isn't the average American safe?
Does an average Indian feel safe?
Pak foreign Minister holds a press conference in Delhi Why?
Wasn't his body language loud enough indication that he was fishing for words?
Enough is enough.
Time to talk is over.
Time to politicise terror is over.
Time for minority appeasment is over.
Time to repeat"kandhar to aap gaye the" is over.
Time to discuss statistics of terror UPA v/sNDA is over.
Time to appoint "my"recommendation is over.
Time to be on the defensive vis-a-vis Pak is over.
It is time for action action action.
I have following suggestion.......if found silly please forgive me.
Announce Nation's policy on terror
Form a core group headed by the PM(please no other politician) and involve some of the most trusted citizens of the country.....some of the names I suggest are(add or delete)
PM...Dr Manmohan Singh
Fali nariman
Soli sorabjee
Ratan Tata

Thursday, November 27, 2008

My comments on IBNLIVE...B K Chowla

29-yr-old says he is AP Guv's son, wants DNA test Read story
Posted by Divyamanu Chaudhry at 01:15 PM, Oct 17, 2008 in India

Posted by bchowla at 06:31 AM, Oct 18, 2008
One of them is not telling the truth.Mr Tiwary is in politics for close to50yrs.He will not mess around.In such case, Tiwary must get his DNA test done.Politics is a dirty game..who knows who picks up this i9ssue and in which forum.

My comments on IBNLIVE...B K Chowla

Anil sues Mukesh for Rs 10,000 cr, alleges slur Read story
Posted by IBNLive at 09:32 PM, Sep 24, 2008 in Business
Younger Ambani sibling cross with brother for NYT interview.

Posted by bchowla at 05:28 AM, Sep 25, 2008
It might just make good reading material.
Both are well conected.
Both are rich.
Better not to comment
.Enjoy reading such news.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Inquiry commissions B K Chowla

continuation from previous incomplete blog........
Thakkar Commission
Jain Commission
Lahoti Co
Kripal Commission
Phukan Commission
Govt can continue to appoint commissions.Who pays the expenses?
Let there be some accountability.

B K Chowla

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Enquiry Commissions..........B K Chowla

Lalli has just returned from her kitty party.It meant,good lunch,rummy and lot of Delhi city gossip.Host's husband is a senior bureaucrat(should say it all) .
Lalli told Pappu that her host had informed the kitty gathering about a new commission of enquiry constituted by the Govt.
Pappu started analysis of the fate of some of the commissions appointed by the Govt.( quotes and
information India Today 25/11
It was constituted almost 16yrs ago to probe the Babri Masjid Demolition.It has already been extended by 47 times.Justice J S Verma,former CJI comments"Justice Liberhan has'nt come out with any thing in 16yrs.Now, who is interested in his report.?
Was set up to probe 1992-93 Bombay riots.It took 5 yrs to prepare and submit the report.Maharashtra Govt has not taken action on the report yet.Perhaps,the report has not even been accepted.
Both the reports had different findings.
Setting up enquiry commissions is nothing but a battle of wits between the opposition and ruling party.Which party is in power is not important.....enquiry commissions do get set-up.It serves political purpose.Take the latest case.Batla house incident.Even a senior Minister Kapil Sibal is in favour of an enquiry.It is logical.....he represents Chandani Chowk constituancy,largely Muslim dominated area. It is politically right for him to support enquiry.In case an enquiry was to be appointed...some retd Judge would have found a job.
I f Kapil Sibal is supporting an enquiry,Amar singh and other leaders wanting to carry the secular tag can't be left behind.
All the enquiry commissions are constituted under the Commissions of enquiry act.
Justice V N Khare(former cji)
"commissions should be scrapped.Set-up to shield the accused,they are giving a bad name to the judicial process"
K T S Tulsi (sr Advocate)
"Any inquiry must be concluded in a matter of weeks,not months or years. It should be speedy."
Some of other important commissions appointed by Various Govts. are
Thakkar Commission

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Comments On IBN Live......B K Chowla

Blast crippled senses: Unanswered questions

TimePosted by Sahasranshu Mahapatra at 07:30 AM, Sep 15, 2008 in Blogs

One friend had picked up an auto-rickshaw from the blast site on Barakhamba Road just ten minutes before the bomb went off. A cousin witnessed

Posted by bchowla at 05:54 AM, Sep 19, 2008

We have all written and read so much on this subject in the last few days.Is there any point. They are still holding meetings, speaking in different voices,giving clean chit to the HM,common still does not know where to go,whom to approach,what bsafety measures to take,in case of a repeated attack what will be his fate.
Should we import technology from , say, ISRAEL?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Present~Future.....Think(B K CHOWLA)PART 2

continued from part 1.......

Another question still remains to be probed.Why is the condition of roads in all the cities is bad?How is the condition of roads in all the VIP areas is so good?Why does the surface of roads differ in VIP areas and"ordinary" areas?One does not need Divine intervension to get to the bottom of it.One would get a logical answer on the expected line.... heavy traffic on VIP roads is restricted,hence those remain better.Well said.What about Road Research Institute?If they take pride in what they are meant to be doing,then they should have studied the traffic flow,density of traffic and all other technical requirements to ensure all cities get world class roads.And why not? Each vehicle on the road has contributed to the tax kitty.If we can succeeded in our Moon Mission,we can set example of world class Metro..why not proper roads? Answer lies with the honestly.

While on the subject of infrastructure,self assessment by the Ministry of Power may be an eye opener.We can only draw our conclusions from what is being reported in the press.What is additional generation capacity created in the last (a) 2yrs(b)5yrs(c)10 yrs?.Compare this with what each Govt had committed before each election.Despite shortage of power,no VIP goes without electricity which is free(mauja-hi-mauja) Answer lies with the honestly.

People like Pappu and Lalli base their assessment on media reports,we can take a look at the part this important organ of Democracy plays.Media,in early days print,and now electronic,has played themost important role in keeping the democracy flag flying high.One can complain about some of the TV channel's slight bias,but arn't TV channels run by human beings?Also,TV news channel is business and is expected to give returns on the investment .Surely,each one of them tries to over-do the others.Take Obama..Oh maa!One channel-head went to the extent of comparing his hair style to that of Obama.One remark of Obama during his election speech made the headlines where he had said that Pakistan has been using Aid money against India.Please,It is only a political statement which makes good political reading.Again,Obama mentions 'K' word,there is breaking news all over.After Obama was declared winner and speaks to Heads of 15 States including Pakistan,TV channels take over.Why not with our PM? Finally,Obama talks to Dr Manmohan Singh.All feel releived. Let us please understand,like any other US President,even Obama will say and do what is in the US National interest.Their politics does not go against national interest.Besides ,arushi murder case is another example where media was very aggressive and positive.....except for few "EXCLUSIVE" story.All in all,media has played an important role in all areas concening urban India.

One hopes rural India will also get it's share of coverage.May be focus should be on infrastructure.Rest will by-itself take momentum....including problem of the farmers.
Lalli raised few more issues like
Bangladeshi immigrants
Police reforms
Internal security etc
Govt should actually announce their policy on the above issues.It will only add to credibility.
Pappu also mentioned corruption,well,according to Lalli,it is no longer a problem.It only has to be legalised.Let us please do so soon as Parliament meets.
Incidentally,it was reported in a section of the press that in the history of independent India,this year Parliament has met for the least number of days....something like 35 days in all.(cost of running parliment can taken in the next blog)
One generally feels India is doing good compared to rest of the world...yes it is.Yes it is...reasonable GDP growth,democratic values still in-tact,free media,moon mission,winning spree on cricket ground etc.But to middle class man all this takes a back seat as he still fighting for Electricity,Water,Roads,Inflation,Job risk coupled with stories of cash for vote,Raj Thackery's adventures,language and caste based politics,politics above national interest etc.
Himself an honest man,if Dr Manmohan Singh takes these matters seriously,he would have done a great service to the country.He still has
Time on his side
Sonia Gandhi on his side
Honest people on his side
Rahul Gandhi on his side
Kismet on his side(or he would not have been the PM).
For people to get the feeling of feel good factor,PM should be like the pilot who swithces of the seat belt sign after coming out of bad weather.I will take you to your destination.I think he will.
Pappu,Lalli and the likes are hopeful,Dr Manmohan Singh will prove to be a good pilot.
B K Chowla

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Present~Future.....Think. ( B K Chowla)PART 1

Pappu and his wifeLalli were sitting and working out as to what best can they do with just matured FDs they had booked four yrs ago. Pappu had just retired. Lalli was , naturally ,very concerned on the present state of affairs and had a practical discussions with Pappu.She sounded not very pessimistic,slightly optimistic and hopeful that one day they will be able to live within their means,feel secure, beat inflation..... kind of feel good factor.Some of the points /issues Lalli raised with Pappu were quite valid and one point lead to another(all points had something to do with day-day living).
Since I was a witness to their discussions,I will try and write them down.

Assembly elections are on.Lalli watched one TV channel conducting interviews of the prospective CMs and that too,while they were having good hearty breakfast.What surprised Lalli was ,despite inflation,those fellows could afford..Juice,Sprouts,Eggs with bit of bread and butter.How? Did'nt these people promise us all this?These people wear very simple clothes,talk of socialism,people friendly policies.We are fighting, inflatioin,uncertainity everywhere,fear factor...still ca'nt even think of the kind of breakfast one prospective CM was having(must be having a good dietician on his pay roll)

Lalli was wondering,when common man can not be provided with basic aminity of drinking water,how can the Govt allow MNCs to draw underground water at practically no cost and sell it after branding at Rs 14/ltr .Lalli was wondering as to why can't the Govt draw the same water and provide it to people who are actually dying due to lack of potable water supply and that is what they had actually promised in their manifesto. Didn't they? Govt can actually levy a surcharge on bottled water at,say,50% .Those who drink bottled water can afford to pay Rs 20/ltr.Surchage revenue can build at least one AIIMS every month(estimated cost Rs 500 crs) and perhaps the spillover amount can be used to provide drinking water to the needy.Lalli thinks even at present rate of interest at 11% she can't afford bottled water for her family. In certain parts in Delhi,boring is prohibited and Govt can't give supplies.So what does one do?Irony of fate is that Chairperson of Delhi Jal Board is noone else but the CM herself.Every election manifesto promises drinking water to the citzens.Lalli and Pappu felt water should have been equally divided amongst the citizens instead of giving it to VIPs only(they can actually afford bottled water).

Pappu and Lalli understand Mehngai, Govt talks infation figures in numbers.Lalli wanted know from Pappu as to what does the Govt mean when they say 11.43% inflation?Pappu told her not only does he not know,he challenged that more than 90% ( including certain ministers) people don't know as to how does the Govt arrive at these most unconvincing figures and are convinced that people are convinced(sic)In fact those who understand this are most uneffected and those who are most effected dont understand.For the last about 6months,Govt has been blaming the Oil prices for all the ills in the country.Because oil was at over$140,we were suffering inflation.In corporate culture, there is a famous saying "you should always have someone to blame"and it seems this has been taken seriously.Oil, though,has come down to below $60,the prices of all wage goods are still sky rocketing.Lalli had a valid question to Pappu....why inflation does'nt hurt the VIPs? Well, most of us also wonder...why?One minister's wife had said sometime back that their family is fond of good food and they take their servant with them when they travel abroad on holidays..In a recent interview to a TV channel ,Mr Kapil Sibal had said"Govt ca'nt be run on public perception" Well said
to be continued in part 2...b k chowla