Sunday, November 23, 2008

Enquiry Commissions..........B K Chowla

Lalli has just returned from her kitty party.It meant,good lunch,rummy and lot of Delhi city gossip.Host's husband is a senior bureaucrat(should say it all) .
Lalli told Pappu that her host had informed the kitty gathering about a new commission of enquiry constituted by the Govt.
Pappu started analysis of the fate of some of the commissions appointed by the Govt.( quotes and
information India Today 25/11
It was constituted almost 16yrs ago to probe the Babri Masjid Demolition.It has already been extended by 47 times.Justice J S Verma,former CJI comments"Justice Liberhan has'nt come out with any thing in 16yrs.Now, who is interested in his report.?
Was set up to probe 1992-93 Bombay riots.It took 5 yrs to prepare and submit the report.Maharashtra Govt has not taken action on the report yet.Perhaps,the report has not even been accepted.
Both the reports had different findings.
Setting up enquiry commissions is nothing but a battle of wits between the opposition and ruling party.Which party is in power is not important.....enquiry commissions do get set-up.It serves political purpose.Take the latest case.Batla house incident.Even a senior Minister Kapil Sibal is in favour of an enquiry.It is logical.....he represents Chandani Chowk constituancy,largely Muslim dominated area. It is politically right for him to support enquiry.In case an enquiry was to be appointed...some retd Judge would have found a job.
I f Kapil Sibal is supporting an enquiry,Amar singh and other leaders wanting to carry the secular tag can't be left behind.
All the enquiry commissions are constituted under the Commissions of enquiry act.
Justice V N Khare(former cji)
"commissions should be scrapped.Set-up to shield the accused,they are giving a bad name to the judicial process"
K T S Tulsi (sr Advocate)
"Any inquiry must be concluded in a matter of weeks,not months or years. It should be speedy."
Some of other important commissions appointed by Various Govts. are
Thakkar Commission

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