Friday, November 28, 2008

MumbaiBurning......Wake-up call.......B K Chowla

A lot of expalnation is needed.
Said to be 26 odd terrosists ,who quietly walk into the city from the Gateway of India as if they were going for a picnic.No one sees them?
What were the Coastal Guards doing when the terroists walked in with the Guns?
Is'nt the Indian Navy on gaurd in the India waters all the time?
At what time did the Home Minister know of the attack?
At what time did the Home Minister sitting in Delhi take action?
Could he have saved the situation had he taken action?
Why was'nt there any intelligence input?
Does the country have something called Maritime Security Establishment?
Army and NSG are the great hero, who face the bullets but are not cared for when the 6th pay commission sits.
Three most decorated Sr officers of the ATS are killed.
Was it right and decent of Mr Shakeel Ahmed,on newsx, to give stastics of terror attacks during NDA rule? He is a Minister and spokesman of Congress. I don't think PM or Sonia Gandhi should tolerate such nonsense from their Ministers.
Why talk of Police reforms today? Has it not been long over-due.?
Do we really expect the Police to fight terror with Lathi?Terrorists have sattelite phones.Why is it taking ages to provide latest equipment to the police?
One sees heavily armed police guarding the VIPs..Why can't the common man be protected by police with better equipment? Isn't the life of common man of any value?
Haresh Salve,in recent interview to a TV channel had said, they(VIPs) are rulers and we are the subjects. Wasn't he right?
How will the country face rest of the world with silly excuses?
How long will we talk of X% growth? Growth of and for what ?After this attack,will India get
investment and tourism?Growth for what when 70% of the population is still earning less than Rs 20 per day.
How long will the FM boast of Revenue collection figures?Are we a welfare nation or a company who is talking of it's profits?
Isn't this,partly,result of wrong people at the wrong postings?Why should the postings be based on peronal preferences and political and electoral considerations?
Don't we believe that the world is laughing at us?
How did the USA protect itself and it's people after 9/11?
Why can't we learn from them?
Why can't we take a hard stand even at the cost of losing power?
What good is the power ,if ,it does not take one into pages of History?
Will any leader of today get place in the history?Sorry,no, it is the names of the NSG and ATS officers who will.
World newspapers have carried the terror story on front pages...can we defend ourselves in front of the world community? Can we ever say that we did our best?Will they trust us?
How long will we blame Pak ..... rightly so?How long will we have to bear with adventures of Pak?Why are we not able to take on Pak?Are we worried about international reaction? Did George Bush ask any one for the action he took?He may be unpopular,but isn't the average American safe?
Does an average Indian feel safe?
Pak foreign Minister holds a press conference in Delhi Why?
Wasn't his body language loud enough indication that he was fishing for words?
Enough is enough.
Time to talk is over.
Time to politicise terror is over.
Time for minority appeasment is over.
Time to repeat"kandhar to aap gaye the" is over.
Time to discuss statistics of terror UPA v/sNDA is over.
Time to appoint "my"recommendation is over.
Time to be on the defensive vis-a-vis Pak is over.
It is time for action action action.
I have following suggestion.......if found silly please forgive me.
Announce Nation's policy on terror
Form a core group headed by the PM(please no other politician) and involve some of the most trusted citizens of the country.....some of the names I suggest are(add or delete)
PM...Dr Manmohan Singh
Fali nariman
Soli sorabjee
Ratan Tata



Can we have Icards issued to each individual and not only Hotel accomodation even vegetables should not be sold to person not having an ID Card


some more comments.

we must take strern action against our enemy. who is our enemy - Muslims in India or Pakistan or Muslims in Pakistan.

Any Indian found assisting terrorists must be killed immediately.

Retired Persons who wish to contribute can be authorised and trained to check id cards.