Saturday, December 13, 2008

13th Dec.........REMMEMBER???? B K Chowla

This day in the year 2001, Our Parliament was attacked by terroists.
The security forces got into action and countered the attack,thus saving the lives of hundereds of Politicians.If the terrorists had to succssed,God knows what would have been the end result and consequenses thereof.
Families of all those who laid their lives were promised money,petrol pumps,jobs etc and above all some respect.
Today ,to pay homage to those killed on 13th Dec,a function was organised outside the Parliament house.Of the total members numbering at appx 800(RS &LS) only ,and ,only 15 members attended the ceremony.More than rest of 780 + could not find time to come and pay homage to those who died on the 13th.This is despite the fact ,the memory of 26/11 and complete inefficiency of the Govt is still fresh in the minds of the Nation.
A blood donation camp was arranged today at the Parliament house,NOT EVEN ONE,member of Parliament donated blood.It was the security men who donated blood.
I am sure each one of the members must acted as per their inner voice .
What is even more shocking is the fact that all the promises made to the families of the dead have remained unfulfilled.Families have actually been forgotten.
This is how we respect our heroes.
This is the time when one would have liked to see Human rights activists,NGOs who get financial support from the Govt,so called secular forces and various high end,high TRP news channels to take up the cause of the families of the dead and inefficiency of the, no ,no each one of them have a seperate agenda......
If someone makes an issue of this subject..........well an inquiry commission will be appointed.......
one more in the list hundereds of inquiry commissions????
Between all this .........AFZAL GURU IS STILL ALIVE.
B K Chowla

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