Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Blast in Delhi: How can we fight terror? Read Story

Posted by IBNLive at 03:42 PM, Sep 27, 2008 in India

Fear returned to Delhi as a blast was reported from south Delhi's Mehrauli area.
Saturday's blast comes exactly a fortnight after serial blasts had rocked the country's capital, killing 54 people and injuring scores of others.
For millions, terror has become commonplace.
How can we fight terror?
What can the common man do?

Posted by bchowla at 04:37 PM, Sep 27, 2008

How can we fight terror?Can we ?
Except for living in fear there is nothing else that we can do.I am sure everytime a blast takes place,VIP security must be being raised. Can we fight terror?Who is WE?Your question should be .... Can the Govt fight terror?
YES, YES, the day they day they decide to forget about the coming elections,stop appeasement policy,take a hard stand,stop being called a soft state. Terrorists are playing cat and mouse game and we are having meetings,discussing what strict law do we need,make politiocal statements on and on and on.

Yes terror can be fought.


B K Chowla
posted on my blog on 3/12/08
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