Wednesday, December 24, 2008


The voters of J&K have c ome out in full stength to cast their votes.It is reprted that the voting percentage was close to 70 %.

Who gets voted in or voted out is not important,what is important is that they showed up in full strenght,despite boycot call from the seperatists.

Now is the time the Govt at the centre must respect the feelings of the Kashmiris and bring them in the main stream. Give maximum incentives to industry, be it manufacture,computers,BPO, education,health etc.

Kashmiris have trusted centre, we must trust them now and involve them in nation building so as to give them feeling of them being one of us....which they are.
Don't be surprised if one day the Pandits also are welcomed back in J&K.

I hope after the election results are out, dirty politics does not take centre stage, enabeling the seperatists to get active again.

B K Chowla

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vijay seth said...

Very well said. Ireally do not know why any Govt all these years has not looked after the investments in industry and businesse in Kashmir so that the State prospers people get employment and their living standards rise. This could have gone in along way to counter terrorism.
vijay seth