Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My comments on IBNLIVE...B K Chowla

Blasts continue to rock India: what should the Govt do? Read story

Posted by IBNLive at 01:08 AM, Sep 30, 2008 in India

Three blasts in three cities in a span of three days. What should the Government do to tackle terror attacks?

Posted by bchowla at 05:03 AM, Sep 30, 2008

Let us accept that we are not capable of handling the problem of terrorism on our own.I am not saying this out of anger or desperation. It is a fact.
I suggest
1 Ask USA their measures after 9/11
2 Get Isreal to help us.
3 Dont worry what people say when you do the above.
In any case you dont care for what people say
4 UPA should immidaitely change their spokespersons.


B K Chowla
posted on my blog on 3/12/08
must read"read story"

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