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December 05, 2008 11:16
Will tough laws help fight terrorism?
There has always been a demand by BJP that India needs strong terror laws to fight terrorism. The concern is genuine. In a country like India where the legal system is so rotten that it is difficult to secure the conviction of ordinary criminals, one can not possibly think of conviction of terrorists who come with the sole aim to kill the innocent. The demand also needs consideration as there would hardly be any witnesses who will come forward to give statements against the terrorists. So it is clear that we need laws which do away with the normal procedure of criminal law in the country. The procedure which gives vast power to the investigating agencies and the police that it would be such an easy task to secure conviction against the terrorists. But the big question still remains. Will these tough laws be able to save the country from the cruel hands of blood thirsty terrorists? The answer is simple "NO". Unfortunately, the BJP and now the Congress, is harping that they will deal with the terror effectively by bringing tough laws. But one needs to understand that the tough laws come into picture only when the terrorists are done away with the brutal acts of killing the innocent. Do both the top political forces in the country want to say that they will first be waiting for the terrorists to come and kill people and then they will easily secure conviction because of these strong anti terror laws? The misfortune of this country is that no one bothers to look into the rot within. The terrorists can come and kill the innocent because they know very well that they can slip in easily by paying some hundred rupee notes to the person at the border. They know that the truck containing RDX and AK-47s shall not be checked by paying the same magical currency notes to the person who is in charge of checking the trucks entering in the city. The root cause of failing to tackle terrorism is not intelligence failure but the root cause is "corruption". When the terrorists know that the magic of currency notes can get them fake identity cards of educational institutions, one can not blame only the intelligence failure for the human tragedies that follow. Repeatedly, the courts have been directing the governments, both at the Centre and the state level to bring police reforms, but the governments have always failed. When an average policeman in the country works at least 18 hours a day and gets peanuts in the form of salary, it is foolishness on our part to expect that he will be able to guard the country from terrorism. When half of the police force remains busy in taking care of VIP security, it would be foolish of us to think that we are ready to take on terrorism head on. When your policeman are fighting terrorists with a substandard bullet proof jacket, obsolete weapons, the home minister of the country reveals how many NSG commandos have been sent to Mumbai to take on Taj, how can we keep dreaming in front of the shocking reality? In the era of global terrorism, when the terrorists have modern equipments and training, the need is to reform the system Mr. L K Advani and Mr Manmohan Singh. We, the citizens of this country expect better performance from the politicians. The politicians should be assigned the ministries because of the competence and not because that he or she is close to "10 Japath". Its time to look within and introspect, can be really blame the terrorists for attacks? Do we really need tough laws to tackle terror? The answer is simple, waiting to be noticed.
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Posted By :- B K CHOWLA

(Fri, 12/05/2008 - 19:50)

Strict laws always help.We already have laws to deal with terror.What we as a nation are lacking is the political will to deal with terror.If that was not so,there would not have been Afzal and the politics surronding Afzal.
Criminal justice system needs a complete change.Britishers gave it to us.They have changed their laws in Britain but we continue with the rot as it suits our political class.Blame game goes on between BJP&Congress.Whenever Congress finds itself cornered bang comes a reply" Kandhar to aap gaye the".
What we need is public awareness.Enough is enough.We should have stricter enforment of existing laws without political interference.
b k chowla

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