Thursday, January 29, 2009

Narendra Modi...........B K Chowla

Narendra Modi has suddenly caught the attention of the media.

It could be his PR/Marketing skills which have brought him in the lime-light,or it could be due to the forthcoming General Elections.Whatever may be the reason,.he has made his presence felt.

Certain section of society see him as a villain of 2002,Some see him as a great reformer who manages as a CEO would manage his company,Some have referred to him as Hitler,some see him as a messiah.Despite ,people calling him by different names, Modi carries on ,on the path of development.
He has quoted various numbers..percentages and figures and also says that if the figures given by him are not correct,let the Planning commission counter them and compare Gujarat development with any other state in India..May be he is wrong, may be he is right.

Modi had the guts to sit on the camel back and survey the Gujrat border with Pak.Yes ,we can surely criticize him by accusing him of creating war hysteria.If we see it from a common man’s point of view, it seems they feel secure seeing CM on the border.
Modi claims that most of the villages in Gujarat have been provided electricity.Some-one should come forward to give facts if they are different from the claims made by Modi.

Unfortunately,all those opposed to Modi keep mentioning Godhra all the time thus walking into Modi’s trap. ,as he is talking only development .

While the world, including India ,is fighting recession, Modi ,recently,held “Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit”Over 35 countries participated, and it is reported that close to $235 bn worth of MOUs were signed.May be all the projects may not come through, even if 50% are implemented,it could turnout to a big achievement.

Some of the most respected and successful Industrialists made their choice clear as to what they see of Modi.
Time will tell, who was right.

Surely,Modi must be celebrating.

Modi, likes to hear his own voice

B K Chowla

Saturday, January 24, 2009

DUTTs...................B K Chowla

In the recent past so much has been and is being written about Sanjay Dutt joining politics and his family problems.

Old times come back to my mind.

I was introduced to Mr Sunil Dutt in the 80’s by a common friend,G.P Aggarwal.
Mr Dutt and I actually took instant liking for each other.
.G P, myself and Duttsaab used to meet as often as we could .He was a very helpful person and stood by his friends in time of need and I campaigned for him when he fought elections in 1984…..successfully.I can claim to have known him personally and very well.

Let us put this on record.Dutt’s has been a very well knit family and those who are over reacting to the statements by Priya and Sanjay must have some axe to grind.

Media ,in any case want some juicy stories to keep their TRPs on the charts.
My suggestion to those interested is to leave Priya and Sanjay alone.
Sanjay is a very responsible man and he will sort out his family problems,if any, within the family and sort out his political issues with the party.
If Sanjay wins, I am sure he will,he will be an asset to the party.

My best wishes are with him.

B K Chowla

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Satya(am)............B K Chowla

India Inc’s biggest scam ever ,which is, reportedly over Rs 7000 CRs has been unearthed.
It will not be surprising if the amount goes much beyond the initial reported amount.

Interestingly,the name of the company involved in the scam is …..SATYAM.

SATYA(am) ,in hindi means truth.

Company has chosen a very appropriate name for itself.
What is in a name.?


B K Chowla

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Does the God(PARAMATMA) EXIST..........B K chowla

My question is that how to prove that there exists a super naturalpower called "God" ?
At least how to explain that. How to correlateHis existence with the character of the world?
Children now a daysneed more than belief to accept.
Can there be any way vide which wecan establish that God exists.
If some body says say :
1. Where is God I have never seen Him?
2. Who has seen Him?
3. How is He?
4. If I dont know how do I accept?
5. God is a term coined by elders to put moral shackles over us sothat we may indulge in goodness.
6. There has to be some basis for his existence?
What are the logicswhich point towards the existence of God?
From where to pick thethread?................Bhagwat Gita

B K Chowla

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

GRIEVANCE FORUM...........B K Chowla

My niece,Shilpa has sent me this information.I find this very interesting..not only because the Govt has taken an initiative,but also because the younger generation is becoming aware of their rights and need for such Govt initiatives.

Government of India has an online Grievance forum at

Can you imagine this is happening in INDIA?
The govt. wants people to use this tool to highlight the problems they faced while dealing with Government officials or departments like Passport Office, Electricity board, BSNL/MTNL, Railways etc. Many of us say that these things don't work in India.
Couple of months back, the Faridabad Municipal Corporation laid new roads in his area and the residents were very happy about it. But 2 weeks later, BSNL dug up the newly laid roads to install new cables which annoyed all the residents. A resident used the above listed grievance forum to highlight his concern. To his surprise, BSNL and Municipal Corporation of Faridabad were served a show cause notice and the guy received a copy of the notice in one week. Government has asked the MC and BSNL about the goof up as it's clear that both the government departments were not in sync at all.
So use this grievance forum and educate others who don't know about this facility. This way we can at least raise our concerns instead of just talking about the 'System' in India.
Invite your friends to contribute for many such happenings.


B K Chowla

Friday, January 9, 2009


Very Interesting facts!
Christianity ….
One Christ, One Bible Religion…
You know the Latin Catholic will not enter Syrian Catholic Church.
These two will not enter Marthoma Church.
These three will not enter Pentecost Church.
These four will not enter Salvation Army Church.
These five will not enter Seventh Day Adventist Church.
These six will not enter Orthodox Church.
These seven will not enter Jacobite church.
Like this there are 146 castes in Kerala alone for Christianity,each will never share their churches for fellow Christians..!
Wonderful..! One Christ, One Bible, One Jehova....
What a unity!
Now Muslims..!
One Allah, One Quran, One Nebi....!
Great unity!Among Muslims, Shia and Sunni kill each other in all the Muslim countries.The religious riot in most Muslim countries is always between these two sects.
The Shia will not go to Sunni Mosque.
These two will not go to Ahamadiya Mosque.
These three will not go to Sufi Mosque.
These four will not go to Mujahiddin mosque.
Like this it appears there are 13 castes in Muslims. Killing / bombing/conquering/ massacring/. .. each other !
The American attack to the Muslim land of Iraq is full y supported by all the Muslim countries surrounding Iraq!
One Allah, One Quran, One Nebi....! Great unity !
All Muslims are not Terrorists, but all Terrorists are Muslims. 60% of all victims of Muslim terrorism are Muslims.
Hindus -
1,280 Religious Books,
10,000 Commentaries,more than one lakh sub-commentaries for these foundation books, 330 million gods, variety of Aacharas, thousands of Rishies, hundreds of languages...
still everyone goes to the SAME TEMPLE ...
whether unity is for Hindus or in others…?
Hindus never quarreled each other for the last ten thousand years in the name of religion.
Only Politicians had tried to divide and rule…
Keep Religion out of Politics and India will be the most peaceful place on earth.

B K Chowla

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


It is very sad at the state of affairs in certain sectors ,which need to be attended to soon enough.
In the present confusing situation in the country,this report may not be of much importance.
Banks in Delhi/NCR have been looted at gun point so often in 2008 that reporting those has lost it's meaning.There has to be some-one who has to be held responsible for the carelessness.Lives of the bank staff is at risk as most of the loots take place in the banks where there are no CCTV or a secutity guard.DO WE NEED DIVINE INTERVENTION TO INSTALL CCTV/SEC URITY GUARD?.NO.We need some-one to take charge of the bank security and be held responsibls.
Following details of loot are interesting.
April CR Park Rs 30 Lakhs
April S/W Delhi Rs 34 Lakhs
Oct Con Place Rs 7.5Lakhs
Nov Hauz Khas Rs 7 Lakhs

July Sector 55 Rs 1.48 crs
Aug Jamalpur Rs 7.57 Lakhs

Sept sector 12 Rs 10.8Lakhs
Sept Sector 63 Rs 4.90 Lakhs

This amount totals to appx Rs 2.65 crs
ITt might sound silly,will any VIP will swap his security for that of the bank?They are after all there for Desh Seva.
Few days back in Kalkaji,bank robbers struck and were overpowered by a 75 yrs old man.Any thing could have happened to him.
Even if a dog is killed our dear lady screams for protection to animals.Madam,what about human beings.Try and stand-up for them,you will be sure to win elections.
Should not some NGO approach the Supreme court for relief
Is any NGO listening please?

B K Chowla

Monday, January 5, 2009


1:24 IIsanjaya uvacaevam
ukto hrsikeso, gudaakesena bhaaratasenayor ubhayor madhye, sthaapayitvaa rathottamam (Gita 1:24)Sanjaya said:"O Bharata" (born in Bharata-family), thus requested by Gudakesa (one who has conquered over sleep viz., Arjuna), Hrsikesa (the Lord of the senses) having placed the magnificient chariot between the two armies. From Gita Prabodhani in Hindi pg. 10-11 by Swami Ramsukhdasji----------------------------------------------------------Chapter 1,
Verse 24 is as follows;
Evam = thusUktaH = addressedHrusheekeshaH = Lord Shree KrishnaGudaakeshen = by ArjunaBhaarat = O King!SenayoH = of the armiesUbhayoH = of bothMadhye = in the middleSthaapayitvaa = having stationedRathottamam = best of chariotEnglish translation:-

Sanjaya said, "O Dhritarashtra, as requested by Arjuna, Krishna placed the best of chariots in between the two armies." Gudakesha is one of the titles of Arjuna. It has two meanings. The first meaning is a person with curly hair. Guda means curly and Kesha means hair. The second meaning, that is more popular, is a person who has conquered sleep. Gudaakaa means sleep that is based on a type of Yoga-Mudra and Isha means one who has total control of. Arjuna had a reputation for being ever active and alert. He was never lethargic. Arjuna had a unique capability of going to sleep at a momentary notice. When, where and how long to sleep were under the sway of his own free will. Only one who can manipulate his mind as he likes, under the constant control of his intellect, can gain mastery over his sleep. A subtle hint is given here by Maharshee Vyaasa that even a person of such a stellar reputation like Arjuna
was going to succumb very soon to a dramatically overwhelming situation and uncontrollable outpouring of debilitating emotions. In the recent history, King Napoleon of France had similar capability of total mastery over sleep. Hrusheekesha is one of the titles of Lord Shree Krishna. Hrusheeka means various organs of a physical human body and Isha means one who has total control of. Lord Krishna being the 10th incarnation of Lord Vishnu had a unique capability of total mastery over his physical body, mind and intellect as he was in total alignment with the `Brahman' i.e. the Supreme Consciousness.
Arjuna asks Lord Krishna to position his magnificent and divine chariot driven by four celestial white horses, in between the armies of Kauravaas and Pandavaas; so that he can make a fair judgement of their relative strengths and weaknesses and come up with alternative strategies to overcome the perceived threats and challenges.

B K Chowla


After decades J&K seems to be on stable footing and the right voices are being heard from NC and the Congress, both.
One is particularly happy that a young man under 40 is going to lead, once, a troubled state.
Congress has once shown maturity by not imposing pressure conditions on their coalition partner.It seems, Omar will be given a free hand to clean up J&K.
Farrookh may have ,reluctantly, garlanded his son.Unfortunately,it is being seen as congress's divide and rule policy.I ,for one, see it as a great opportunity for all the players including INDIA itself.
Congress has a new entry to UPA.Elections are round the corner,hence Mauja-hi-Mauja.

PDP, has been exposed of all theCheck Spellingir deeds and have lost the elections.They can play with words like vote share having gone-up,their agenda having been accepted.Democracy is all about numbers.PDP, stop fooling yourself and now behave like a good opposition party.

Omar has spoken of Pundits being including in decision making.He has also committed to take Jammu region along so also Leh, so that their is no discrimination against any region.
If at all ,there is a deputy CM,it would perhaps be a Hindu.

Omar seems focused when he said"Peace,developmentand employment will be my priority".
Sheikh Abdulla,Farrokh Abdullah and now Omar completes full circle.
I hope, Omar does not disappoint the people who have vested faith in him.
There is no need to say that to trust a politician these daye is the most foolish dcesion one would take.But ,do we have a choice?
Omar,put all your efforts clean-up J&K. I hope you would

B K Chowla

Omar has a very hard task ahead of him.He must ensure J&K gets infrastructure in place.
Public sector and Private sector investment should be incouraged even at the cost of heavy incentives, Local produce must be incouraged, even helping them sell their apples or whatever.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Dr Kiran Bedi is one lady who does not need introduction. She is said to be one of the most honest and principled ladies and one from the Police force.She gave up her cushy job when she was superseeded by a much junior officer as the CP,Delhi.
Yesterday, she was addressing the youth in a question /answer session on a TV channel.
What she said and said forcfully on security.
She says ,when the Parliament was attacked,they(govt) secured the Parliament.After which they(politicians) secured themselves (nsg was made to protetct vips) Seeing the miserable situation on security, the rich secured themselves(perhaps on tax payers money).
The only people who were left to die or fend for themselves are the middle class ,who have never raised their voice.
Just for record, the size of middle class in India is much larger than the total population of the USA.
More 75% of Indian population is under the age of 35.
Youth must think......
It was very disturbing and interesting when she said that varification process is not above board.
Instead ,India should have NATIONAL IDENTITY CARD.In the absence of which it takes months to complete any varification because the system has not been computerised.Interestingly,India has the software which it exports but has not implemented the same here. What is lacking is the political will. One Minister went to the extent of suggesting that the illegal Bangladeshis should be give voting rights in India
Her advise to the youth was .....start a movement before the next general elections and insist on a commitment from the candidates that they will push for the introduction of NIC...
It is time the youth took some initiative and start a movement, not against the Govt ,but to with the Govt to take this country forward as it can no longer be left alone with the present day selfish,undeserving,unprofessional politicians.
Let us hope the youth is listening for their own and country's future...

B K Chowla

Thursday, January 1, 2009

CHANAKYA'S QOUTES...............B K Chowla

I am starting new year blog from quotes from Chanakya .Considering the political class in India ,we have to learn from Chanakya

> "A person should not be too honest. Straight trees are cut first and> Honest people are screwed first."> Chanakya quotes (Indian politician, strategist and writer, 350 BC 75 BC )

" Even if a snake is not poisonous, it should pretend to be venomous."> Chanakya quotes (Indian politician, strategist and writer, 350 BC -275 BC)

"The biggest guru-mantra is: Never share your secrets with anybody. ! It> will destroy you."> Chanakya quotes (Indian politician, strategist and writer, 350 BC-275 BC )

There is some self-interest behind every friendship. There is no> Friendship without self-interests. This is a bitter truth."> Chanakya quotes (Indian politician, strategist and writer, 350 BC -275 BC)
"Before you start some work, always ask yourself three questions -> Why am I doing it, What the results might be and Will I be successful.> Only when you think deeply and find satisfactory answers to these questions,
> go ahead.">

Chanakya quotes (Indian politician, strategist and writer, 350 BC-275 BC"As soon as the fear approaches near, attack and destroy it."> Chanakya quotes (Indian politician, strategist and writer, 350 BC-275 BC)

"Once you start a working on something, don't be afraid of failure and don't> abandon it. People who work sincerely are the happiest."> Chanakya quotes (Indian politician, strategist and writer, 350 BC-275 BC )

"The fragrance of flowers spreads only in the direction of the wind.> But the goodness of a person spreads in all direction."> Chanakya quotes (Indian politician, strategist and writer, 350 BC-275 BC )

"citizens never support a> weak company and birds don't build nests on a tree that doesn't bear> fruits."> Chanakya quotes (Indian politician, strategist and writer, 350 BC-275 BC )

"God is not present in idols. Your feelings are your god. The soul is your> temple."> Chanakya quotes (Indian politician, strategist and writer, 350 BC-275 BC )

"A man is great by deeds, not by birth.">>>>> Chanakya quotes (Indian politician, strategist and writer, 350 BC-275BC )

"Never make friends with people who are above or below you in status.> Such friendships will never give you any happiness."> Chanakya quotes (Indian politician, strategist and writer, 350 BC-275 BC )

"Treat your kid like a darling for the first five years. For the next> five years, scold them. By the time they turn sixteen, treat them like a> friend. Your grown up children are your best friends."> Chanakya quotes (Indian politician, strategist and writer, 350 BC-275 BC )

"Books are as useful to a stupid person as a mirror is useful to a blind> person."> Chanakya quotes (Indian politician, strategist and writer, 350 BC-275 BC )

"Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected> everywhere. Education beats the beauty and the youth."> Chanakya quotes (Indian politician, strategist and writer, 350 BC-275 BC )

B K Chowla