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1:24 IIsanjaya uvacaevam
ukto hrsikeso, gudaakesena bhaaratasenayor ubhayor madhye, sthaapayitvaa rathottamam (Gita 1:24)Sanjaya said:"O Bharata" (born in Bharata-family), thus requested by Gudakesa (one who has conquered over sleep viz., Arjuna), Hrsikesa (the Lord of the senses) having placed the magnificient chariot between the two armies. From Gita Prabodhani in Hindi pg. 10-11 by Swami Ramsukhdasji----------------------------------------------------------Chapter 1,
Verse 24 is as follows;
Evam = thusUktaH = addressedHrusheekeshaH = Lord Shree KrishnaGudaakeshen = by ArjunaBhaarat = O King!SenayoH = of the armiesUbhayoH = of bothMadhye = in the middleSthaapayitvaa = having stationedRathottamam = best of chariotEnglish translation:-

Sanjaya said, "O Dhritarashtra, as requested by Arjuna, Krishna placed the best of chariots in between the two armies." Gudakesha is one of the titles of Arjuna. It has two meanings. The first meaning is a person with curly hair. Guda means curly and Kesha means hair. The second meaning, that is more popular, is a person who has conquered sleep. Gudaakaa means sleep that is based on a type of Yoga-Mudra and Isha means one who has total control of. Arjuna had a reputation for being ever active and alert. He was never lethargic. Arjuna had a unique capability of going to sleep at a momentary notice. When, where and how long to sleep were under the sway of his own free will. Only one who can manipulate his mind as he likes, under the constant control of his intellect, can gain mastery over his sleep. A subtle hint is given here by Maharshee Vyaasa that even a person of such a stellar reputation like Arjuna
was going to succumb very soon to a dramatically overwhelming situation and uncontrollable outpouring of debilitating emotions. In the recent history, King Napoleon of France had similar capability of total mastery over sleep. Hrusheekesha is one of the titles of Lord Shree Krishna. Hrusheeka means various organs of a physical human body and Isha means one who has total control of. Lord Krishna being the 10th incarnation of Lord Vishnu had a unique capability of total mastery over his physical body, mind and intellect as he was in total alignment with the `Brahman' i.e. the Supreme Consciousness.
Arjuna asks Lord Krishna to position his magnificent and divine chariot driven by four celestial white horses, in between the armies of Kauravaas and Pandavaas; so that he can make a fair judgement of their relative strengths and weaknesses and come up with alternative strategies to overcome the perceived threats and challenges.

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