Thursday, January 29, 2009

Narendra Modi...........B K Chowla

Narendra Modi has suddenly caught the attention of the media.

It could be his PR/Marketing skills which have brought him in the lime-light,or it could be due to the forthcoming General Elections.Whatever may be the reason,.he has made his presence felt.

Certain section of society see him as a villain of 2002,Some see him as a great reformer who manages as a CEO would manage his company,Some have referred to him as Hitler,some see him as a messiah.Despite ,people calling him by different names, Modi carries on ,on the path of development.
He has quoted various numbers..percentages and figures and also says that if the figures given by him are not correct,let the Planning commission counter them and compare Gujarat development with any other state in India..May be he is wrong, may be he is right.

Modi had the guts to sit on the camel back and survey the Gujrat border with Pak.Yes ,we can surely criticize him by accusing him of creating war hysteria.If we see it from a common man’s point of view, it seems they feel secure seeing CM on the border.
Modi claims that most of the villages in Gujarat have been provided electricity.Some-one should come forward to give facts if they are different from the claims made by Modi.

Unfortunately,all those opposed to Modi keep mentioning Godhra all the time thus walking into Modi’s trap. ,as he is talking only development .

While the world, including India ,is fighting recession, Modi ,recently,held “Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit”Over 35 countries participated, and it is reported that close to $235 bn worth of MOUs were signed.May be all the projects may not come through, even if 50% are implemented,it could turnout to a big achievement.

Some of the most respected and successful Industrialists made their choice clear as to what they see of Modi.
Time will tell, who was right.

Surely,Modi must be celebrating.

Modi, likes to hear his own voice

B K Chowla

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