Monday, February 16, 2009

PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH...............b k chowla

Petroleum Conservation Research Association has released an advertisement in The H.T(16th Feb).
The numbers and figures quoted are very impressive. It says ,if, one was to follow five easy steps ,one can save the petrol bill by 20% resulting into saving of Rs 7000 crs on fuel import bill if every Indian saves 2 % fuel.
Five steps are ;
1…Drive at 45-50 kmph
2…Switch off your engines at red light signals if you have to wait for more than 15 seconds.
3…Join a car pool.
4…Use a pressure cooker while cooking.
5…Get an energy audit done in your factory.
No doubt, the figures are very educative, impressive and easily achievable.
What I can’t understand as to who is this ad addressed to?
If my information is not incorrect, more than 50% of the vehicles on road are owned by the Govt.
A major percentage is owned by the corporate sector, which is on expense account, anyway.
It is the aam aadmi who perhaps is the target audience of this advt.
.Well, I think he is already aware of his limitation and the need to save that he perhaps is going beyond these steps to save,his hard earned money, if not country’s import bill.
.Yes those who can actually save on fuel bills and set an example are the VIPs.
Will each VIP (except for security sensitive) give up one car each from his/her convoy to save on petroleum import bill? We had voted these people to power to look after our interests and in such case are we asking them for too much for them to give up one car?
Those who can actually help save are those bureaucrats ,who provide Govt vehicles to their wife for day time shopping and use the Govt vehicles for their children’s pick-up and drop from the schools?
It is generally said Practice what you preach.
B K Chowla


vijay seth said...

very well said.Govt depts must first create an example

Kiran said...

Very well said! A vast majority of the rot is in the Government sector. Reform, in any sphere, should be targetted at this sector first.

Another case of shocking wastage of energy is the big corporates and the lighting arrangements in their offices. Although almost every corporate organization is taking steps to curb this wastage (whether out of concern for the country/environment or out of concern for its energy bills .. or both) - it is still not sufficient. I think a major overhaul of the lighting infrastructure is needed in office spaces. If that is infeasible, at least there should be norms in place for the buildings under construction.

Finally, another good way to save the petroleum import bill for the country is to provide efficient and effective public transport infrastructure - with the audience going beyond the middle class "aam aadmi" and targeting the upper middle classes and car-owners too.