Sunday, February 22, 2009


PAPPU, the common man was sitting besides his hAdd Imageut,watching the flood waters wash away his belongings.He looked towards the sky and saw a helicopter ,Mantriji,was on an arieal survey of the area..and soon flew back. Only a couple of months ago,PAPPU was sitting there looking at the sky and praying for some rain for his fields and the drinking water needs of the town.
From a passer by,PAPPU enquired if the man knew anything about the person who flew over the area.He was told that the person was a VIP and tried to explain to him what a VIP is and he said,
VIP is a person who comes to you as PAPPU for your votes before elections and promises you Roads,Electricity,Water,Schools,Hospitals,Jobs etc and we decide to trust him and send him to the Parliament to represent the constituancy.Pressures at the Parliament,gives him the status of VIP,which entitles him Free furnished housing,Free electricity,Free water,Free telephone,Free car,Petrol,Driver etc but he is very concerned about your welfare,hence ex chequer gives him Rs2 crores per year to look after his constituancy.,this is besides his salary,Free air travel,free train travel and free medical attendence and not to forget security as now he suffers from a report called threat perception.All this is only for you, because, if he is not comfortable he will not be able to look after his constituancy.
PAPPU was surprised and said but all that you have mentioned above is what he promised me/us before we cast our vote and sent him to Parliament... i was promised Roads School,Hospital,Electricity,job,housing and a lots more.
Because you/we trusted him,he is now a VIP and we are all PAPPU,s
He has everything promised to you...and you are looking towards the sky Rain, Mantriji, or Helicopter? Only a VIP can tell you.
In 61 yrs we have created only VIPs

Posted by BK Chowla

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Vikas Gupta said...
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The Unadorned said...

VIPs more VVIPs, the list is as long as it can go. But the other day I came across another acronym, CIP. Expanded, it reads something like this: Commercially Important Person. At Cochin Airport in the year 2004, I wanted some place to seat and I was given that in a CIP lounge. I could not be a VIP and it was a good feeling to be given a CIP status, at least.

Quite interesting, isn't it Chowlaji?

Thanks, your post is topical when whole India expects now the bumper crop of VIP vote-beggers!


Indian Pundit said...

Great post sir.

Time has come for a new breed of Indian leadership. Its really sad that a great nation like ours elect not so great people . Though exceptions exist but they are few.

Kiran said...

That was a touching post Sir. How true - this is the story of PAPPU in the villages of India. The very person who he voted for ends up getting everything that PAPPU was promised!

Raising awareness is the need of the hour in my opinion!