Friday, March 20, 2009


Bharat Rattan is a very prestigious award /honor given by the Govt of India to some of the most eminent personalities including some from the international community. It is for sure, from the list of awardees, the award is genuine and not with any political affiliations.
But .Hold on
Recently, one senior functionary of the ruling coalition had a suggestion to give. He suggested honoring George W Bush with the Bharat Ratna.(may be due to nuke deal)

What the rest of the world thinks of Bush is a separate issue.

Bharat Ratna deserves a greater person to be honored with.

In my opinion, this time the Bharat Ratna should be given to none other that the man in uniform in Mumbai who risked his life but got Kasab alive.
Imagine a situation, where Kasab had not been caught alive. There would have been no confession, no proof, and no evidence.
Pakistan, would have hoodwinked us again . Like on previous occasions, the terrorists would have died and with them all the evidence would have died too. Consequences/ gains of having Kasab alive are well known.There in all 60 awardees till date.
author........B K Chowla


Anonymous said...

When you say that 'Bharat Ratna deserves a greater person to be honored with', you are absolutely right. We really dont have any dearth of deserving people in India that we need to choose someone like Bush.

Anonymous said...

Didn’t Bharat Ratna lose its meaning when Rajiv Gandhi was awarded before Maulan Azad?

Then again it was withdrawn after being awarded to Subhash Chandra Bose.

I really don't care for it anymore. It is also another one of the awards dependent on ruling party.

not needed said...

The sugestion to give it to Bush is totally ridiculous! Frankly, it is too funny to be considered. Since when peace-loving India has started awarding attackers?

To Rajiv Gandhi? On what grounds it was given? Similarly, as Mesoliloquy has mentioned that it was withdrwan after being awared to Neta ji. If that is true, it takes away all the crdibility associated with the award.

SM said...

yes i agree with you
Bharat Ratna be given to special person , no one can be special than who has given his life for our country.

Philip said...

the whole awards have become politicised. the undeserving win the awards and now its become a joke.

am not saying this about the bharat ratna, but with so much of lobbying going around i dont feel much about these awards.

Anonymous said...

And, I agree with you. On this one, the people who do the real work seldom make the dent and the people who propose theories :) are granted the honor, which is not entirely wrong. But, the award will be given to someone famous so that the award remains a brand.

Kiran said...

as you mentioned - the a look at the awardees till date shows that Bharat Ratna is genuine.

However, the suggestion to award it to Bush must be the most ridiculous moment in the history of the awards. There is absolutely no way he deserves anything even close to such an honor.

Yes - The heroes of 26/11 (particularly the one who caught Kasab alive) would make for ideal candidates.