Monday, March 9, 2009


Since after the unfortunate attack on 26/11, a lot is being discussed and written about the role of the media.
It is a matter of opinion and a decision of the Govt in power to lay down practical guidelines.

I was a bit surprised and taken aback on reading the Delhi edition of HT (06/03/09).
The front page headlines read as “Bomb-proof tunnel to Kasab safe”.

Along side, there are graphics showing details of prospective location of…….surveillance cameras,TADA court, tunnel , Kasab’s cell etc,etc.

Please, I am not being critical at all of the HT. All I am wondering is that,…could we have done without disclosing all these details.? Does the media, unintentionally gives away too much information.?

B K Chowla


How do we know said...

i fully agree.. this is ridiclue reporting. The media has learnt nothing from 26/11.

BK Chowla, said... is concened pnly about the TRPs or circulation.

Kiran said...

Sir, it is definitely not "unintentional". How can a person become a journalist if he/she does not have the foresight to analyze what the consequences of a news item could be?

IMHO, the media is obviously aware of the ramifications .. but the lure of TRPs is far greater than the rewards of being a responsible journalist - but again, that is purely my personal opinion!

Anonymous said...

This kind of Natak, is being copied directly from the Fox News and other "international" print edition, i mean ya its there job is to give positivity to public, but not by sharing the freaking blueprints. Indian media needs a bloody perception change, soon.

@Hey BK ,Thanks your comments on my blog :)

BK Chowla, said... are right.Only interest they have the TRPs.How do we handle this situation.?

BK Chowla, said...

chiragchamoli,We can hope that it will happen someday...HOPE

vijay seth said...

Media has to be more responsible and follow the code of conduct or else there have to be regulations to enforce on security sensitive matters
vijay seth

not needed said...

I was discussing with my friend the way Mumbai terrorist attack was beamed by our Indian media: for 3 days shameless and unethical outcry continued. It was as if the media was playing to the advantage of terrorists. He said that as soon as 9/11 happened, the actual site happenings were off the air (on TV) within next one hour. The security agencies took over.
Again the question of regulations, ethics comes in to picture. Unless democracy is governed by tight regulations, accountability, code of conduct and ethics, the whole game would be a farce in the name of democracy.