Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Dates for general elections for the largest Democracy in the world have been announced. The entire world wonders and appreciates the deep-rooted democratic genes in India. Every five years majority quietly takes over from the minority…

Various agencies get into election mode, some want be seen on the TV, others want be read and another class is happy converting election a drawing room discussion.

Elections in India are a boost to the economy. Few thousand crores are spent( color of currency is not important) Manufacturers of .Posters,caps,etc get busy. Hoardings, be it regular or unauthorized get painted. ,Caterers get busy for the rallies .,Anyone who is in the related business is busy and happy.Perhaps,liquer vendors are the happiest lot.
In the current recession, it is God sent opportunity.
However, what must come to any sensible person’s mind in India is……….Is democracy only a game of numbers? Or is it representing the voters as per their verdict.
This is a question both the principle parties, Congress and BJP must ask themselves..

It is more than a decade that any party came to power at the centre with working majority, ,thus resulting into a situation where the coalition leading party has had to compromise on issues, ideology and to some extent taken unpopular decisions. Junior partners have, in some cases, arm twisted the coalition into taking certain decisions which have been politically right for them and their party, but the voters have felt let down and cheated.

What is it all about?
Is it about people or power by numbers?
Is it about democratic values?
Is it about governance?
What are the issues ?
For the aam aadmi, issues are those of SECURITY,

Govt can go on declaring inflation figures in percentage (no one understands those numbers) but for aam aadmi MEHNGAI is an issue.

In a recent TV interview M. J Akbar was right when he said about lighting candles.

There are people who light candles and ensure the TV cameras are present.
Then there are those who burn candles at night as they have no electricity.
For aam aadmi issue is BIJLI, SARAK and PAANI.

Issue with the likes of IIMs is that they are no longer being offered a salary of Rs 1 cr/yr
Issue with most of the educated youth is UNEMPLOYMENT.

For about 70 cr Indians......
Sensex fluctuation is not an issue.
Gold price fluctuation is not an issue
High rate of interest on home loan is an issue.

In 62 yrs ,we have not been able to provide the very basics to the common man except a bunch of well protected VIPs, and of course all the promises they never fulfilled.

Most likely, even these election results will throw up a situation where a coalition Govt will be formed ..In such an event, both the principle parties must refuse to form a coalition and if required let the country go back to polls.

Let no one be emotional by saying that country will have to spend few thousand crores again .If it so, so be it.
Country can afford those many crores for good governance.
People now want a Govt which can deliver.

There will be an additional over 4 crore voters in 2009 compared to 2004.
We are a nation of multi culture society, and the youth have a different vision of future of India.
Let us vote for a Govt who has sincere will to Govern and does’nt treat the common man as a subject and themselves as masters.

B K Chowla


Anonymous said...

Here is a chance to vote for India’s biggest online opinion poll: Who will win the forthcoming elections? Cast your vote here!

Anonymous said...

BK, Sometimes I feel all this is a farce. After every elections, there is hope but nothing much changes.

I'm not really convinced that a full power government would be any different from a coalition government. But ya, it is ofcourse better.

What is surprising is that ppl don't understand this and still vote for the third front and regional parties in the general elections. Why can't they vote for either of the parties who can offer a full government.

But all we can do is hope...

Vikram said...

Here is Ramachandra Guha's article on the same,

My response:

The Republic has done well in terms of electoral democracy. Democracy has done a good job of representing diverse populations and political ideologies. It has also helped develop a sense of civic nationalism, instead of ethnic or religious nationalism.

But India needs structural transformations in its administration, especially in the civil and police services to ensure that political empowerment of the masses leads to real gains in quality of life for the masses. Also, one more important flaw is the lack of democracy within parties, which is one of the principal reasons for the fragmentation of the Indian polity.

We Indians can claim to be a true democracy only after these flaws are rectified.

BK Chowla, said...

Very intereting online poll.

BK Chowla, said...

Rakesh..Voters have realised the power of their vote.Hopfully, they will now vote for a stable Govt

BK Chowla, said...

Vikram...Yes we have matured as a democracy,we have leaders witout any accountability

Unknown said...

The young generation will bring about some change in the system. The oldies take everything with a
'chalta hai' attitude. My grand daughter, who is going to vote for the first time, is going into all this business of voting very sincerely.She is genuninely trying to figure out the issues involved,
the basics and the profiles of the contestants.Such sincerity, which I observe in the youth today, reflects a major change in the future of our country!!! Jai Ho!!!!

not needed said...

Dear Mr Chowla:

I am sending this note as I could not find your contact info on your blog.
Please visit and drop me a line at so that I could communicate with you.

Dr Munish Raizada
Springfield IL USA

not needed said...

Until we see reforms in our democracy (administrative, electoral, judicial, and strong over-sight on government functioning), the nation will remain infested with corruption, inefficiency and loot!
Whaever govt comes to power, the people must continue to insist for a refined democracy.

BK Chowla, said...


I can't find yopur contact details.I want to add to your blog follow list.Can I have your url?