Sunday, March 22, 2009


It was the 8th of March 2009, I woke up with the feeling that this day is not routine, but I brushed the feeling aside thinking it may have been a remnant of a dream.

After the regular routine and breakfast I received a reminder call from my dear friend Vipin Suri inviting me to the event which was being conducted in my building premises , I stay in a beautiful place known as ‘West end heights’ in the city of Gurgaon.

As I strolled through the gardens to the venue I saw gathering of people, most of them were my neighbors. I was somewhat aware what this event was about.
However what I was not aware of was the Intensity of this Group called
Road Pe Rahi Bhai bhai’.

It began some time ago when ‘Mrs.Bharti Chadha’ the creator of this cause had the realization as to what was happening on our roads. She realized that even her family and loved ones were not safe on the roads.
Road rage may sound as a far off reality as most perceive it as a thing that happens to others but as she looked into this from a personal standpoint she glimpsed the horror that waits to happen on the roads.
As if bad driving, road kills and car jacking is not enough, this Road rage is an emerging truth that has taken over our mindset and everyday life.

Road Pe Raahi Bhai Bhai is a stand which goes beyond observing traffic rules, to create brotherhood and compassion on our roads.
She pointed out to those of us who have used aggression in our pasts to be bold enough to take it back gracefully .If we have punched some one in the past then be ready to smile after receiving the punch back with an added kick or two.
It is a much better option to settle the issue with mutual understanding than to use aggression which most of the time leads to a trauma.

If a beginner makes a little mistake on the roads then instead of being there for them to guide, people shout insults. This can actually convert them in to crippled drivers who carry their fears on the road for the rest of their lives or to a point where some people just give up driving.
Who cares if a person will miss their deadline for a job interview which may give them the basic bread and butter to run their families?
People just have to vent out their rage and that too in the most destructive manner.
The duo, Bharti and Vipin, pointed out that it is easy to spread peace by just surprising the other person with a smile and forgiving the offender for his little mistakes, bigger issues can be sorted out with patience and without aggression.

Think of the person forgiven and the trend that will start when the same person applies it in another incident.
Think of the confidence it will sow in the young minds leading to safe drivers around us.
It is easy to sow seeds of compassion by letting go or at least have a gentle approach.
As the spokespersons Mrs. Bharti Chadha and Vipin Suri spoke there was something within me that spoke to me in a very clear and loud volume.

It was clear that much of my world is connected through the road and the reality that is road rage, is present from the point I step into my car. It can happen to me at anytime, be it a short drive to the grocery store to a long drive to an important business meeting.
I realized that my kids travel the same road so do all the people I know. I woke up to a fact that I can make a difference by just moving myself from being an observer to an active participant by taking a vow to control this mad fire that has spread all over.

For people who find it easier to shout than to have a conversation, the loss is immense but for those who care to deal with a cool mind end up getting their bodies, cars or even broken egos fixed much quicker .

Road Pe Raahi Bhai Bhai is a message for all, to value the life of a fellow traveler, just like that of your own family members and to deal with a heated incident with patience and compassion.
People realized that they were mere spectators for too long and now they had woken up to realize that it’s better to participate in a race on the road to curb road rage instead of just racing vehicles and adding fuel to this fire.

I was glad that everyone present there was an active participant and even our young people were willing to shrug of their ‘generation next’ rebellious attitudes to join hands with Road Pe Raahi Bhai Bhai.

I can truly say today that I have woken up and this is an alarm call asking all of you to wake up and give it a real deep thought. It may take a few seconds off from your time set aside for procrastinating and who knows it may end up saving your life.
I hope you understand that this is not a message but this is ‘the message ‘for all including me to think twice before participating in anger on the road even in our thought. I drive with a better view and peace today.

All you need to do is just realize, you can all assist in your small ways. To begin with Road Pe Raahi Bhai Bhai provides stickers to those who stand against road rage truly from within and have taken vow to remain peaceful and calm on our roads ,this helps to promote peace and makes a connection in the minds of all those who carry these stickers on their vehicles .
I have a vision where next time I halt at a traffic signal I want to see these yellow stickers on every vehicle, as if all the drivers have decided to enjoy the drive and share our roads with peace and safety. I have made sure all my vehicles carry these stickers and so do the vehicles of all the people I know of in my city. If you wish to wake up now, all you need to do is to reach out to your cell phone and type.
Bhai your name and address and send it to 59994 for free delivery of your stickers,
For more information take a few minutes out of your time online and logon to

Author…….B K Chowla


SM said...

very nice article for good cause.
“The journey of a thousand leagues begins with a single step. So we must never neglect any work of peace within our reach, however small.”

not needed said...

I remember probably last year a doctor from Gurgaon was lynched to death in a road rage. Road rage is a well known phenomenon and awareness is obviously beneficial.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely sir, we need such, initiatives. We need to start respecting the fellow passengers and understand, out stupidity may cause, people there lives..

Kiran said...

Very nice cause! I give in to road rage several times (especially when I find the notorious slow-moving autos of Bangalore blocking my way, I tend to try to overtake them as quickly as possible). Whew! It feels good to admit to that guilt and looking forward to not committing it again!

I have resolved several times to be courteous to others on the road (for example - the bike on which the man is carrying his wife and infant child, or that car with an "L" sign, or the 2-wheeler being driven by the lady, or giving way to vehicles which are going uphill when I am going downhill). I am glad to say that I do follow these small rules of courtesy - and it leads to a lot of feel-good among the recipients, and spreads it too.

Road Pe Raahi Bhai Bhai is definitely one good initiative and we need more of these!

Anonymous said...

A great initiative, Kudos to the team! A quick question though, is there a limitation on the number of stickers that'd delivered using the above provided number. Am sure, a few other friends would also be interested to promote this. It would be great if someone could throw some light on this.