Friday, March 13, 2009


Since 26/11, there has been“feeling” 0f insecurity amongst the common man .However, After Chidhambaram has taken over as the Home Minister, and there is a “feeling” of security.
He has taken his job rather seriously and at least is taking stock of the situation and seems to be taking corrective steps.
There are close to three months when the new Govt will be sworn-in in Delhi.
I have no doubt that those in power would have realized that at the moment the situation in our neighborhood is far from normal and a lot could happen between now and by the time next Govt is sworn-in Delhi
Musharraf came calling.
He was in Delhi this week for the India Today conclave. (Maulana Mahmood Madani of Jamait-ul-e-hind did embarrass him) Musharraf tried his best in sending msg to India that if required, he could take over as the President again and immediately after landing at Islamabad, during the press conference he suggested that the Pak media also should support ISI and the Military in Pakistan.
Message was very clear.
Pakistan is in midst of a turmoil and paralyzed which is not in the security interest of India.
Zardari,Nawaz and Gilani are having it out over Sheriff’s long march.
Taliban also must be watching the situation with anxiety and interest.
India at the moment should not be even seen to be going soft on Pak generally and regarding 26/11 probe in specific

Our other neighbour,Banglasdesh is in no better situation. Sheikh Hasina,though is considered to be friend of India, but has her own compulsions and priorities. Bangladesh is busy trying to locate the real men behind the recent mutiny. Part of media leak suggests that it could be Pak army and ISI behind the mutiny in Bangladesh.
Again Pak.
However, US FBI and British Scotland yard are conducting joint investigation to unearth the mutiny mystery.
Another neighbour,Sri lanka is in the midst of a civil war. There have been suicide attacks only last week.LTTE and the Lankan army is giving each other a tough time.
Nepal is already under the control of the Maoists.
Reportedly, our borders, most of it, are porous.
Terror factories across the borders were looking at the God sent opportunity such as,

Elections in India,

IPL matches in India.

Porous borders with most of Indian neighbors.

Musharraf is trying to find space in Pak politics.

Indian security forces have to worry about all this.
This will be the testing times for the India security forces.

However, the nation has full faith and the confidence in the mighty force.
auther....B K Chowla


SM said...

good blog like articles

BK Chowla, said...

SM, thank you.I try and cover relevent issues

vijay seth said...

The total security of borders should be with our armed forces under a single command to be coordinated with the multiple agencies doing this job.

not needed said...

The facts that we do not even have a way to identify our nationals/citizens speaks volumes of our seriouness about our national security. The government is intersted in dilly-dallying this issue, that is why it will strat the things to leave them before completion: like, Voter ID, PIN, etc. The fact that more than one option is permitted to identify a citizen means possibility of loopholes.
National security starts from home! Hence implement a common ID card to identify the nationals (example: SSN as is prevalent in USA).