Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Country has gone through different phases once it came to electing it’s Prime Minister.

We, in our growing years had heard of Pt Jawarhlal Nehru as a Prime Minister who had mass appeal.
Shri Gulzari Lal Nanda took over after sudden demise of Panditji.

Subsequently, popularly elected Prime Ministers have ruled the country.
Then, came a phase, when the Indian Prime Minister had to be a compromise candidate...be it Mr Gowda,Mr Gujral.Mr V. P. Singh,or Dr Manmohan Singh.
There have been different voices in various circles about the office of the PM losing its colour and authority.We,the common men may or may not agree with it.
Now, hold your breath. If all that was not enough, one TV channel has a competitive question...GUESS YOUR NEXT PRIME MINISTER...AND WIN A CAR(t&c apply).

In a democracy can there be anything more disturbing than this?
Have come to a stage where we have to guess the name of our prospective PM by SMS or on-line?
I stood in silence for 2 mnts.
Would you too?


author......B K Chowla

Sunday, April 26, 2009


All the political parties release their manifesto before every election. It normally covers; work done in the past and their promises for the next five years, if voted to power.

Perhaps, the real translation of manifesto is VACHANNAMA.
If one was to ,generally ,go through the manifestos of the last few elections, India would have been a heaven on earth
Hasn’t the time come for the parties to be accountable for the unfulfilled promises?

We have repeatedly been promised the basics..Bijli-Sarak-Paani-Health facilities- Employment-Security and above all a stable Govt.The result is there for everyone to see.

In any case, manifesto of both the National parties is almost the same. Both the parties seem to be living in a unreal world of their own.
What is most surprising is that neither BJP nor Congress has any chance of getting even a simple majority in the forthcoming elections .This based on various opinion polls and the body language of the party functionaries.
One opinion goes to the extent of saying that BJP and Congress PUT TOGETHER may not get the magic figure of 272 i.e. simple majorities. Hence the time has come when parties should be setting their party base in order. Only Rahul Gandhi( i don’t mean congress)seems to have realised this fact and seems to be working towards rebuilding the party cadre. My assessment is based on congress’s decision to go alone in UP and Bihar. It is a long term strategy and a good strategy
In such case, what and who are these misleading manifestos meant for?
Those who can read and write, do not need to worry about any manifesto. Those who cannot read and write, for them it is only a piece of paper.
Once again we will be shown rosy pictures of our cities to be made comparable to Shaghai-Singapore-New York etc...Of bijli-paani-sarak-naukri-security etc.
However, one could not find any mention of some of the important issues like. Recession.....Army’s demand of one rank one pay,swiss accounts etc.Major issues concerning the common man seem to have been missed in the manifestos.

It is well known that none of the promises can be fulfilled for the simple reason that it is going to be a coalition Govt.In such cases it will be based on common minimum programme. All the parties have shamelessly put their party ideology in the dust bin. The only thing that matters are the numbers and hunger for power. So, what are these manifestos for?
Once the election results are announced, in all probabilities, there will a unstable and unholy coalition Govt at the centre.Ideology,political morality,national interests,inner party democracy, promises in the manifestos will take a back seat. All that will matter is the numbers. The party which has the numbers will be joined by most unscrupulous partners who will negotiate the best deals on sharing the booty.
And, after the end of 5 yrs rule( not governance) we the voters, will be blamed for their manifesto promises remaining unfulfilled as we gave them a fractured mandate which resulted in their succumbing to the coalition partner’s policy/demand/ideology.
We have waited 60 yrs
Your opinion


author......B K Chowla

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Different people react to a given situation some form or the other. Or as they say, to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

During our growing- up years I did, you too must have, noticed?

A child throwing his /her toy towards the parents when the child had to show his/her anger.

Driver honking aimlessly out of sheer frustration when he is stuck at the traffic signal.

Boss throwing a file towards his asst out of sheer disgust.

Wife throwing the stirrer helplessly in the kitchen when she is not getting the recipe right.

None of these acts were ever meant to harm the other physically, but each of these acts had a message and was very well taken and understood. It was an unfortunate way of expression but strong expression it was.

During current election campaigning, common man also has expressed his anguish towards the politicians.

Our dear friend Jeetendra was the latest victim of shoe anger, but the shoe did not hit him.

Chidambaram was thrown a shoe at, but the shoe did not hit him.

Navin Jindal had the shoe experience at Kurukshetra,but the shoe did not hit him.

LK Advani at his rally, had the shoe experience, but the shoe did not hit him.

All the political parties, on expected lines, had condemned the act

However, in this act of emotion, condemnation and emotional forgiveness, let us get across the message loud and clear to the political class…




I have nothing against any party nor am I supporting any candidate.

People will now not accept this sloppy governance, lack of accountability, sense of insecurity, Swiss Bank shock, Shameless dumping of Ideology, unfulfilled election promises, continued loss of jobs, Inflation and the usual lack of bijli,sarak and paani.They need performance.

Days of lighting candles are over.

Whosoever comes to power to form the 15 th Lok Sabha,must ensure good Governance and show concern for the common man.

People have started to show their anger,disgust and frustration.



author.....B K Chowla

Sunday, April 19, 2009


World over there is craze for sports and success in sports.

In most of the sports money involved is too big to be ignored.In such environment and juicy returns, the India Politicians would not like to miss the God sent golden opportunity.Why should they, this is one way of Desh Seva they are committed to.
It is not surprising that most of the sports bodies are headed by a Politician even though they may have not actually played that game ,as long as they know how to play the real game(?).
Listed below are some of the sports bodies headed by our Desh Sevaks.

Cricket in India is almost a religion.Hence it has maximum bhaktas.

Sharad Pawar is the boss at BCCI, said to be the richest sports body in the world.

Sharad Pawar also heads Maharashtra Cricket Association.

Sharad Pawar is expected to head the ICC soon.

Rajeev Shukla is a very important functionary of the BCCI.

Can you keep Lallu away ?Lallu heads cricket Association of Bihar.

Bihar is said to have another cricket association .It headed by BJP’s Kirti Azad.

Arun Jaitley is an important boss at Delhi Cricket Association.

Jagdish Tytler is the President of the JUDO federation of India(yes judo)

The very popular Suresh Kalmadi is the president of all powerful and influential The India Olympic Association.

Abhay Chautala is the head of the Table Tennis Association.

Ajay Chautala is the head of the Boxing Association.

Yashwant Sinha is the President of the All India Lawn Tennis Association

Sukdev Dhidsa is the President of Cycling Federation of India(yes cycling)

Digvijay Singh is the President of The Shooting Federation

Priyanjan Das Munshi is the President of Football Association of India.

Praful Patel is the vice-president of AIFF.

There are so many more politicians involved with “developing” sports in the country.We all must stand up and salute them.
We have voted these people to govern this country,try and solve our problems,worry about the basic needs of the poor,worry about our internal and external security issues,look at the economy etc.

But here we have all these people wanting to sit as the heads of the sports bodies.At times one wonders as to what could be the incentive for them to occupy these positions.?Since all these netas are from influential parties,there is no doubt that their party wants control over sports without actually being held accountable for the state of affairs of a particular sport.
Can we not find committed sports persons who will actually work for the welfare of the sport and the players?
Your opinion

author.....B K Chowla

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


A simple fact is that there are criminals in both the national parties,including those in smaller parties.Which means,irrespective of party,there are criminals in Parliament.

This subject has been a matter of of concern,debate and discussions but without any solution.Unfortunately,each party has almost the same argument in support of their criminal candidate,which almost reads like a text book answer....innocent till guilty.

The people who are tainted and suspects of criminal activities are the ones who sit in the Parliament to make the laws which are complicated enough to ensure they are not booked. By the time the case moves from as an enquiry to lower court and then up to the SC, it could take 15-20 yrs
So,what do we do ?
Live with criminals?
Accept them as our leaders?
Allow them to continue with their anti-national and criminal activities just because the laws in force are such?

There seem to be only two ways out of this mess
1.....Voters should not vote for the tainted lot.It is only a small part of the solution.Majority of them are poor and uneducated.Even a catchy ,emotional slogan is a reasonable ground for them to vote for the wrong candidate.However,the educated lot, the opinion makers and those who light candles periodically at Wagha Border,Gateway of India, India Gate should light permanent candles till this problem is solved.

2.....Both the national parties have a greater responsibility towards the voters and the nation .Both of them seem to be looking at only 140-150 seats each in the Parliament by itself is the proof that something is wrong.
In this context ,I have a question to both the national parties ;

Can’t you find 543 each clean,spotless,reasonably educated,people as your candidates ?It is not difficult to find such worthy,young men/women who are not tainted .It means finding 1086 people from amongst 100 crore people. Is it very difficult?They may argue that in such case smaller regional parties will score over them.That is where I think we all may disagree with BJP and Congress.I feel,once such a step is taken, it will help both the parties and of course it help democracy and the nation as a whole. This process should be followed for all elections from Panchayat to the Parliament.
Parties seem to be not aware of the ground realities.Electorate is disgusted and fed-up with going ones in the parties for the bargaining during Post poll alliance.

We have a lot of expectations from you ,both the parties
Do not let us down.


author.....B K Chowla

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Hate speech has been in the news for the last almost 10 days.
Varun Gandhi is alleged to have said, whatever he said about one community. While the heat was on, he suddenly realised that the CD was not original but doctored.
Consequences of his action have been serious. They may or may not have been politically motivated. It is a matter now for the courts to decide on the fate of Varun Gandhi.
On most unexpected lines,NSA was imposed and he has been sent to jail.
Law has taken it’s course.
I for one and I am sure every right thinking person,does not support the utterances by Varun Gandhi.
Now, in India everyone is equal and the same law applies to everyone in the country.
Only the other day Lallu Prasad also made an alleged hate speech.He said words to the effect that if was the home minister of the country,he would have crushed Varun Gandhi under a bulldozer.Subsequently,he said he meant something else.It was a great denial on the expected lines.
Since everyone in the country is equal in the eyes of law,one would expect legal action and comments from the EC.
Will the EC recommend to the RJD not to give ticket to Lallu Prasad as was done in the case of Varun Gandhi?
Will the state apply NSA against Lallu Prasad and send him to the lock up?
Will the state then shift Lallu to a safer lock-up at midnight to avoid law and order problem?
Will all other parties,all secular parties,make the same comments as were made against Varun Gandhi?
Will all the TV channels,well most of them,have spokespersons of all secular parties to discuss Lallu episode as was done in case of Varun Gandhi?
Will the courts take suomoto action against Lallu Prasad ,if the state does not take action against him for the hate speech?
It is very natural for some one to ask the above relevant questions because we hold Indian judiciary in high esteem and the fact the same law applies to all,irrespective of their position.
Incidentally,it was only yesterday that Vaiko made a hate speech threatening of bloodbath in Tamilnadu, in case any harm is done to Prabhakaran.
Naturally,all the questions asked for in case of Lallu speech will be asked for in case of Vaiko and the AP candidate.
Following are some of the hate speeches reported in The Mail Today(09/04/09).It makes interesting reading
Canara’s BJP candidate,Ananth Kumar Hegde”I will not allow Muslims to to take out Id Milad processions.I don’t need a single minority vote to win.Why should I watch my words.”
In Shimogra,Kagodu Thimmappa,the Congress candidate’s speech is on YouTube”The hands of those practice this kind of Hindutva must be cut off” In reply to this,M.P.Renukacharya said”if anyone speaks against Hindutva,their throats will be slit”.Bjp spokesman,C T Ravi said”we will perform the last rites of such people.”K.S. E shwarappa said”Any one who speaks against Hindutva,will be dead”
Minister Umesh V K atti said about Deve Gowada”an old bull who should be sent to the slaughter house”In retort,Gowada’s sonKumaraswamy said”The BJP admitted old bulls such as H. C Srikkantaiah and D B Chadrre Gowda .They were bulls in youth but are now near the slaughter house.”
Very very interesting.We all must read these comments as we are the lucky ones who will get someone from these parties to Govern the country for the next five years.
Let us wait and time will tell.
May be EC will give some recommendation to RJD.
Your opinion

author........B K Chowla

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Assam is burning, and has been burning for the last few months.

There have been 8 eight bomb blasts in 5 months. It is record of sorts.

We do hear politically correct statements often.



Apparently,the problem, cause and the cure are all known to the Govt of the day as

both the above statements were made by none other than the Home Minister himself.

How much has been done after these statements were made for any one to see and judge.

So long as the Bangla borders are open and serve as invitation to HUJI and the ULFA,what else can be expected?

ISI is known to be active on Indian eastern borders and LeT along with HUJI are having a field day with our spineless Govt in center and the state. They seem to be more concerned about their power sharing formula for the next 5 yrs rather than the security of the country. Otherwise, why has no action been taken by the center and the state along Bangla border?

We must understand that this problem is going to create larger issues as the Demographic changes are taking place due to infiltration and the ratios are changing.

Times Now showed to the nation, yesterday, Pakistan flag raised in Assam.

Why has the Govt not reacted?

Why is the Govt not concerned?

Let us not forget….

(a) 7th April is the Raising day of the ULFA.

(b)PM was due to visit Assam the day after the blast(today)

(c)PM represents Assam

Considering the above three sensitive issues, should not have the Govt taken extra care?

ULFA Raising day has been always a cause of worry, so why were preventive measures not taken?

Why is the state Govt soft on ULFA?

Why is the state Govt soft on HUJI?

Do these two outfits have local support?

With experience of the past, I do see something like the following happening in the next few days about yesterday’s blast……

Center….we give intelligence inputs to the state.

State……we did have some information, it was intelligence failure

State…….we will not allow such incidents to occur again.

Police……we have some clues and soon they will be caught.

State/center…it is state subject. It is center’s responsibility

BJP………Congress has failed to curb terror as they did not have POTA like law.

Congress…BJP has no moral right to speak on this; they are the ones who went to Kandhar.

TV Channels….Group discussions with some “experts” along with spokespersons of Congress and the BJP with some representative from Left front to add to humor. They will all trade charges against each other more because of forth-coming elections, rather than security of the country.

Pakistan……we condemn this act and we also are the victims of terror.

Bangladesh….If any terror activity is on in Bangladesh, we will crush with all our might.

Now the time has come when only some divine intervention can help us against terror.

On our own, we don’t seem to have, Political will, Inclination,Guts,Infrastructure to take on the terror.

Also minority appeasement has to stop.




All these statements sound music to the ears. Don’t they?

Your opinion



author.....B K Chowla

Sunday, April 5, 2009


They say humor extends one’s life span.

There are times when certain remarks are made very innocently, but for a given situation they seem very relevant.

One realizes the humor in the conversation much after the event is over.

In a conversation on state of affairs in Pakistan one commentator said very correctly;

Pakistan dian maujan –hi-maujan

Eithe vekho-othe vekho

Charon pase

Faujan –hi-Faujan.

After the unfortunate incident of 26/11, the state was under fire from all sections of society. As luck would have it, Maharashtra CM took Ram Gopal Verma with him to the Taj.

He was criticized by one and all. As a result, CM had to resign.Subsequently,at a film party Ram Gopal Verma was introduced as;

Ramuji se miliye

Inhone do Sarkar banai

Aur ek Sarkar girai.

A bunch of school children were coming out their school at Saket.

I happened to be there myself. They, for some reason discussing the recent threat from the terrorists. One of them very innocently commented;

If there is another attack in Delhi,

Police normally will not be able to catch them

In such case, terrorists should be pushed to the BRT Corridor

Those who get stuck in BRT corridor, it can take hours for one to find a way out.

Now catch them

Ever read matrimonial advertisements? Some of those are very amusing;

Wanted a bride for “innocent divorcee.

Wanted bride for “rich 8 th class pass boy, beauty only consideration”

Wanted groom for “beautiful girl, mother-in –law not alive”.

In a recent TV interaction, they said, now onwards regional parties will rule.

No, what about Congress and BJP?

They both will soon be regional parties only.



author....B K Chowla

Friday, April 3, 2009


Indian electronic media manages to over react to certain news and under plays some.

This week they have been screaming about Sharad Pawar’s prospective meeting with third front leaders.

My point is….so what?

Another news, I feel, needs to brought to the notice of viewers was about Maulana Tauqeer Raza Khan.President of the All India Ittehad-e-Millat .

Do we remember him??????

Well, he is the same man who had issued a fatwa against Taslima Nasreen, Bangladeshi writer and spoke about the Danish cartoonist who, allegedly, painted Prophet Mohammed.(m.d.02/04/09)

My point is….so what?????

Point is, he was on the dais with the big wigs of Congress on the 26 th March to introduce him to the media (md02/04/09).

Point is that Sharad Pawar is a seasoned politician and can take his own decisions.

For 2 consecutive days, most of the TV channels were screaming and giving breaking news


In all fairness to the viewers and the voters, should not have the TV channels screamed;


Above two news items may be or may not be of much relevance. Is it not the duty of the media to report important facts?

Which of the two news,you feel, is of greater importance for the nation and the voter?

At least now onwards, politicians must stop playing with words “communal” and “secular” so as to avoid dividing the country.

They are all the same.

Media has an important role to play, but they must play the fair game.They should have reported about Maulana.

Your opinion.



author...B K Chowla