Sunday, April 26, 2009


All the political parties release their manifesto before every election. It normally covers; work done in the past and their promises for the next five years, if voted to power.

Perhaps, the real translation of manifesto is VACHANNAMA.
If one was to ,generally ,go through the manifestos of the last few elections, India would have been a heaven on earth
Hasn’t the time come for the parties to be accountable for the unfulfilled promises?

We have repeatedly been promised the basics..Bijli-Sarak-Paani-Health facilities- Employment-Security and above all a stable Govt.The result is there for everyone to see.

In any case, manifesto of both the National parties is almost the same. Both the parties seem to be living in a unreal world of their own.
What is most surprising is that neither BJP nor Congress has any chance of getting even a simple majority in the forthcoming elections .This based on various opinion polls and the body language of the party functionaries.
One opinion goes to the extent of saying that BJP and Congress PUT TOGETHER may not get the magic figure of 272 i.e. simple majorities. Hence the time has come when parties should be setting their party base in order. Only Rahul Gandhi( i don’t mean congress)seems to have realised this fact and seems to be working towards rebuilding the party cadre. My assessment is based on congress’s decision to go alone in UP and Bihar. It is a long term strategy and a good strategy
In such case, what and who are these misleading manifestos meant for?
Those who can read and write, do not need to worry about any manifesto. Those who cannot read and write, for them it is only a piece of paper.
Once again we will be shown rosy pictures of our cities to be made comparable to Shaghai-Singapore-New York etc...Of bijli-paani-sarak-naukri-security etc.
However, one could not find any mention of some of the important issues like. Recession.....Army’s demand of one rank one pay,swiss accounts etc.Major issues concerning the common man seem to have been missed in the manifestos.

It is well known that none of the promises can be fulfilled for the simple reason that it is going to be a coalition Govt.In such cases it will be based on common minimum programme. All the parties have shamelessly put their party ideology in the dust bin. The only thing that matters are the numbers and hunger for power. So, what are these manifestos for?
Once the election results are announced, in all probabilities, there will a unstable and unholy coalition Govt at the centre.Ideology,political morality,national interests,inner party democracy, promises in the manifestos will take a back seat. All that will matter is the numbers. The party which has the numbers will be joined by most unscrupulous partners who will negotiate the best deals on sharing the booty.
And, after the end of 5 yrs rule( not governance) we the voters, will be blamed for their manifesto promises remaining unfulfilled as we gave them a fractured mandate which resulted in their succumbing to the coalition partner’s policy/demand/ideology.
We have waited 60 yrs
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author......B K Chowla