Thursday, April 9, 2009


Hate speech has been in the news for the last almost 10 days.
Varun Gandhi is alleged to have said, whatever he said about one community. While the heat was on, he suddenly realised that the CD was not original but doctored.
Consequences of his action have been serious. They may or may not have been politically motivated. It is a matter now for the courts to decide on the fate of Varun Gandhi.
On most unexpected lines,NSA was imposed and he has been sent to jail.
Law has taken it’s course.
I for one and I am sure every right thinking person,does not support the utterances by Varun Gandhi.
Now, in India everyone is equal and the same law applies to everyone in the country.
Only the other day Lallu Prasad also made an alleged hate speech.He said words to the effect that if was the home minister of the country,he would have crushed Varun Gandhi under a bulldozer.Subsequently,he said he meant something else.It was a great denial on the expected lines.
Since everyone in the country is equal in the eyes of law,one would expect legal action and comments from the EC.
Will the EC recommend to the RJD not to give ticket to Lallu Prasad as was done in the case of Varun Gandhi?
Will the state apply NSA against Lallu Prasad and send him to the lock up?
Will the state then shift Lallu to a safer lock-up at midnight to avoid law and order problem?
Will all other parties,all secular parties,make the same comments as were made against Varun Gandhi?
Will all the TV channels,well most of them,have spokespersons of all secular parties to discuss Lallu episode as was done in case of Varun Gandhi?
Will the courts take suomoto action against Lallu Prasad ,if the state does not take action against him for the hate speech?
It is very natural for some one to ask the above relevant questions because we hold Indian judiciary in high esteem and the fact the same law applies to all,irrespective of their position.
Incidentally,it was only yesterday that Vaiko made a hate speech threatening of bloodbath in Tamilnadu, in case any harm is done to Prabhakaran.
Naturally,all the questions asked for in case of Lallu speech will be asked for in case of Vaiko and the AP candidate.
Following are some of the hate speeches reported in The Mail Today(09/04/09).It makes interesting reading
Canara’s BJP candidate,Ananth Kumar Hegde”I will not allow Muslims to to take out Id Milad processions.I don’t need a single minority vote to win.Why should I watch my words.”
In Shimogra,Kagodu Thimmappa,the Congress candidate’s speech is on YouTube”The hands of those practice this kind of Hindutva must be cut off” In reply to this,M.P.Renukacharya said”if anyone speaks against Hindutva,their throats will be slit”.Bjp spokesman,C T Ravi said”we will perform the last rites of such people.”K.S. E shwarappa said”Any one who speaks against Hindutva,will be dead”
Minister Umesh V K atti said about Deve Gowada”an old bull who should be sent to the slaughter house”In retort,Gowada’s sonKumaraswamy said”The BJP admitted old bulls such as H. C Srikkantaiah and D B Chadrre Gowda .They were bulls in youth but are now near the slaughter house.”
Very very interesting.We all must read these comments as we are the lucky ones who will get someone from these parties to Govern the country for the next five years.
Let us wait and time will tell.
May be EC will give some recommendation to RJD.
Your opinion

author........B K Chowla


SM said...

Recently newspapers reported that lying about his eduation.
like the post
we need leaders who will talk about education and not dharma.

Vinod_Sharma said...

The bias of the media towards the Congress was always known. That is one reason it is not playing up the hate speeches of others,including that of a cabinet minister. Now people should have no doubt that Chawla was placed by the Congress in the EC to open his mouth only when asked!

Is there any institution left that has credibility?

Kiran said...

Well said. I dont know how they suddenly got the guts to start spewing venom on each other and on entire sections/communities in this manner. I wonder why people would vote for them in spite of such brazen display of violent intent.

Deepak Vijayvergiy said...

These politicians very well know how to woe the voters, they very well know which vote-bank they are targetting. There are high chances that many of our parents might feel good listening to all these, and we will strictly not. And fact of the matter is that very less population of youth do vote.

Anonymous said...

:)BK Sir, kaya karenga, kursi ke liye log kitna natak karte hain. V. is not even educated.