Sunday, April 5, 2009


They say humor extends one’s life span.

There are times when certain remarks are made very innocently, but for a given situation they seem very relevant.

One realizes the humor in the conversation much after the event is over.

In a conversation on state of affairs in Pakistan one commentator said very correctly;

Pakistan dian maujan –hi-maujan

Eithe vekho-othe vekho

Charon pase

Faujan –hi-Faujan.

After the unfortunate incident of 26/11, the state was under fire from all sections of society. As luck would have it, Maharashtra CM took Ram Gopal Verma with him to the Taj.

He was criticized by one and all. As a result, CM had to resign.Subsequently,at a film party Ram Gopal Verma was introduced as;

Ramuji se miliye

Inhone do Sarkar banai

Aur ek Sarkar girai.

A bunch of school children were coming out their school at Saket.

I happened to be there myself. They, for some reason discussing the recent threat from the terrorists. One of them very innocently commented;

If there is another attack in Delhi,

Police normally will not be able to catch them

In such case, terrorists should be pushed to the BRT Corridor

Those who get stuck in BRT corridor, it can take hours for one to find a way out.

Now catch them

Ever read matrimonial advertisements? Some of those are very amusing;

Wanted a bride for “innocent divorcee.

Wanted bride for “rich 8 th class pass boy, beauty only consideration”

Wanted groom for “beautiful girl, mother-in –law not alive”.

In a recent TV interaction, they said, now onwards regional parties will rule.

No, what about Congress and BJP?

They both will soon be regional parties only.



author....B K Chowla


Sikander Hayat said...

Another day, another bomb, another atrocity committed in the name of Islam by those who believe that apart from them all other Muslims are "kafirs"as today"s attack was perpetrated on a religious place for Shia community.
Once again it will be agonising to listen to right wing Mullahs and their following in general public who still think that this is the reaction for America"s war in Afghanistan. Please wake up from your deep slumber and at least say that this is bad. If Pakistan needs something today very badly, that is the consensus on what we are faced with. This consensus has eluded us so far but with any luck there will come a point where the "thakedars" of Islam will take notice of the mounting piles of dead and say that what is happening to our country is wrong.
I believe that this is the main problem with the Pakistani counter terror activities that many of the own countrymen believe that this is not our war. I know that India’s RAW is paying these so called Jihadists to wreak havoc in Pakistan and to support such people who are in the payroll of our enemies is a crime in itself.
I would like to ask the readers of this site to comment on this issue today. When will the general public and some of our politician say that this is our war and we have to fight it?

By Sikander Hayat

Vinod_Sharma said...

Nice collection indeed! LOL

Maujan hi maujan... it is chaaron paase Taliban hi Taliban now!

SM said...

very refreshing collection