Tuesday, April 14, 2009


A simple fact is that there are criminals in both the national parties,including those in smaller parties.Which means,irrespective of party,there are criminals in Parliament.

This subject has been a matter of of concern,debate and discussions but without any solution.Unfortunately,each party has almost the same argument in support of their criminal candidate,which almost reads like a text book answer....innocent till guilty.

The people who are tainted and suspects of criminal activities are the ones who sit in the Parliament to make the laws which are complicated enough to ensure they are not booked. By the time the case moves from as an enquiry to lower court and then up to the SC, it could take 15-20 yrs
So,what do we do ?
Live with criminals?
Accept them as our leaders?
Allow them to continue with their anti-national and criminal activities just because the laws in force are such?

There seem to be only two ways out of this mess
1.....Voters should not vote for the tainted lot.It is only a small part of the solution.Majority of them are poor and uneducated.Even a catchy ,emotional slogan is a reasonable ground for them to vote for the wrong candidate.However,the educated lot, the opinion makers and those who light candles periodically at Wagha Border,Gateway of India, India Gate should light permanent candles till this problem is solved.

2.....Both the national parties have a greater responsibility towards the voters and the nation .Both of them seem to be looking at only 140-150 seats each in the Parliament by itself is the proof that something is wrong.
In this context ,I have a question to both the national parties ;

Can’t you find 543 each clean,spotless,reasonably educated,people as your candidates ?It is not difficult to find such worthy,young men/women who are not tainted .It means finding 1086 people from amongst 100 crore people. Is it very difficult?They may argue that in such case smaller regional parties will score over them.That is where I think we all may disagree with BJP and Congress.I feel,once such a step is taken, it will help both the parties and of course it help democracy and the nation as a whole. This process should be followed for all elections from Panchayat to the Parliament.
Parties seem to be not aware of the ground realities.Electorate is disgusted and fed-up with going ones in the parties for the bargaining during Post poll alliance.

We have a lot of expectations from you ,both the parties
Do not let us down.


author.....B K Chowla


Deepak Vijayvergiy said...

Very well said, both the national parties has to understand their responsibility and take actions, and that's where I am not in favour of other upcoming regional parties, instead be a part of mainstream and do the remedy.

Vinod_Sharma said...

There is no doubt that criminals have to go. But, unfortunately, money power and "winnability" are two pre-requisites that make all parties look the other way. What does one do when a Union Minister wants to run a road roller over the chest of someone for one speech and calls a known criminal with countless cases, including murder, against him "Robin Hood"?

This is a deep malaise and to some extent this fragmentation of politics is responsible. Perhaps we need a paradigm change in the model of democracy that we have adopted.

Smitha said...

Yes, we certainly need criminals out of running.. As Mr Sharma says, 'Money Power and Winnability' seems to the be reason why criminals seem to flourish in politics..

As the electorate gets more and more aware and involved, I do hope that there will come a time where criminals will not be able to join politics..

not needed said...
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not needed said...

Sorry, I had to delete my comment as I noticed some grammatical mistakes. Here we go:

You have raised a very pertinent issue. Your question "Can’t you find 543 each clean,spotless,reasonably educated,people as your candidates ?It is not difficult to find such worthy,young men/women who are not tainted .It means finding 1086 people from amongst 100 crore people. Is it very difficult? " is very valid. Unfortunately, the current satraps and managers of the political parties did not join the politics to serve, rater they entered the fray to make career for themselves and for their off springs! Only political reforms (one example is: Negative vote) can bring about changes, plus of course strong public pressure. This is a struggle for 2nd Independence for India! Where is the new Mahatama Gandhi?

Anonymous said...

You know I think it is possible if EC really wants to but sadly everytime they are influenced by the ruling party. How come some get clean chits just before elections? How come some are debarred and some criminals are allowed?

There is no uniform rule and I am sure if EC takes a strong stance along with President of India then it is possible to keep criminals away from politics but then I am wondering on the number of politicians we will have.