Thursday, April 23, 2009


Different people react to a given situation some form or the other. Or as they say, to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

During our growing- up years I did, you too must have, noticed?

A child throwing his /her toy towards the parents when the child had to show his/her anger.

Driver honking aimlessly out of sheer frustration when he is stuck at the traffic signal.

Boss throwing a file towards his asst out of sheer disgust.

Wife throwing the stirrer helplessly in the kitchen when she is not getting the recipe right.

None of these acts were ever meant to harm the other physically, but each of these acts had a message and was very well taken and understood. It was an unfortunate way of expression but strong expression it was.

During current election campaigning, common man also has expressed his anguish towards the politicians.

Our dear friend Jeetendra was the latest victim of shoe anger, but the shoe did not hit him.

Chidambaram was thrown a shoe at, but the shoe did not hit him.

Navin Jindal had the shoe experience at Kurukshetra,but the shoe did not hit him.

LK Advani at his rally, had the shoe experience, but the shoe did not hit him.

All the political parties, on expected lines, had condemned the act

However, in this act of emotion, condemnation and emotional forgiveness, let us get across the message loud and clear to the political class…




I have nothing against any party nor am I supporting any candidate.

People will now not accept this sloppy governance, lack of accountability, sense of insecurity, Swiss Bank shock, Shameless dumping of Ideology, unfulfilled election promises, continued loss of jobs, Inflation and the usual lack of bijli,sarak and paani.They need performance.

Days of lighting candles are over.

Whosoever comes to power to form the 15 th Lok Sabha,must ensure good Governance and show concern for the common man.

People have started to show their anger,disgust and frustration.



author.....B K Chowla

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