Saturday, May 23, 2009


Results of the elections for the 15 th Lok Sabha have been announced.
We are all happy that we will have a stable Govt.
Besides this, different people would be happy for different reasons.
Personally, I am happy that most of the Goondas have been voted out, or shall I see booted out, even though they had the tickets and support of the major political parties.

Some of these names may ring a bell. There was a time when these candidates had the guts, support and the following to get elected while in jails. And they did.

Munna Shukla, Rama Singh, Zakir Khan,Mohd Taslimuddin,MAA Fatmi,Prabhunath Singh,Mukhtar Ansari,Afzal Ansari,Atiq Ahmed,Rizwan Zaheer,Anna Shulkla,D P Yadav,Guddu Pandit.
Then there are some who had fielded their wives....Suraj Bhan(veena devi),Mohd Shabuddin(heena sahib),Anand Mohan(lovely anand)Pappu Yadav(ranjeeta ranjan).They all lost, and we won.
Defeat of these Goondas is not because of the political parties, it is despite them. All the parties had given tickets to the Goondas because they had the “win ability”

So, in such case how did these jokers lose elections?
The credit goes only and singularly to the determination and maturity of the electorate.
Also while on the subject, credit must be given to anyone who started the campaign...NO CRIMINALS...................

Hopefully, parties have learnt the lesson and will not give tickets to Goondas in future it Panchayat, Municipal, State or Lok Sabha.

Times are changing and hopefully so are the mindset of the politicians. This elections,Goondas have been booted out and if the present lot in the Govt do not perform, should also be voted out.
Message is loud and clear....performs or perish.

This can only happen of us are alert and perform our part of duty as well.
author.....B K Chowla

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