Saturday, May 2, 2009


Mohammed Ajmal Kasab, the lone surviving terrorists of 26/11 is unfortunately being a hero by the media.
The charges against Kasab are well known and are being dealt with as per the law of the land.Fortunately,no one,the world over has ever doubted the cerdibility of the India judiciary.He is getting a fair trial.

In the foregoing,I can not understand the reasons as to why is the media,especially electronic,is hell bent upon making Kasab media created hero.Why can he not be left alone to face the fair trial in the normal course?There are hundreds of trials being held on day to day to basis which do not get the essential attention.So,why this extra attention on Kasab?When I say please leave him alone, I mean just do not report the avoidable.
Was it essential to report and that too as HEADLINES and BREAKING NEWS the stupid wish list of Kasb comprising of his tooth paste,perfume,permission to walk in the veranda.
Is it a national news that Kasab is minor or not?Who cares?Why can we not wait for to give a judgment on this issue?In any case it can not be a part of HEADLINES and BREAKING NEWS.
My point is,why is the media giving importance to a silly man and to his age and to his toothpaste,who ruthlessly killed innocent,unarmed men women and children for no reason on this earth except hate.Knowingly or otherwise,he is going to be a media created hero for no reason.
Such high pitch coverage by the media as breaking news for TRP race does create heroes and at the same time it does charge avoidable emotions of a certain section of
society.How can we forget those who lost there relatives? They are the ones who also watch the same news bulletins covering Kasab.
My suggestion to the media is that they should actually black out and STOP reporting Kasab trial.Let the trial be over and let the world report India judiciary's unbiased attitude.
Please do not make him a hero,lest we all regret it the day we have another Afzal Guru
in the making.With our political compulsions,I fear history repeating itself.

let us CHANGE INDIA for

author.....B K Chowla

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