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B K Chowla

Saturday, June 27, 2009


During the last few days, Delhi has had unusually high temp going up to 43c.

As usual, like every other year, even this year there is power shortage resulting into load shedding.
On expected lines, people have burnt some buses,Govt says it will cut down consumption of power in the offices, industry will get limited power, BJP staged a walk out in the Assembly and the CM has advised the Delliwalas to use electricity judiciously. Despite all this ,in some areas there is load shedding for over 8 hrs/day.Incidentally,it is the same CM who claim, has been voted in due to good performance.

Considering 60 yrs of (mis)rule and promises during every election, there still isn't power for all.

Should not those in power also be penalised for not doing their jobs?

Should the following 4 not set an example by cutting off power supplies to their residences at the same time that you and I are deprived of electricity?
1.....The Chief Minister
2.....The Minister for power in the centre
3.....The Chief of the regulatory authority
4.....The Secy,ministry of power
Once the above four electric connections are done away with, I am sure soon enough there will be power for all. They need to be dispensed with the same medicine that they prescribe for all of us who actually, unlike them, pay for electricity.
This sector needs to be cleaned up of corruption priority
author.....B K Chowla

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


How has the scene in India changed.Read and see for yourself.Maybe,we could tell our children about the old realities............

The status of the teacher in India from times immemorial has been next only to parents-
Mother, father teacher. The parents give a life to a child, but it is the teacher who gives the child the inner light and wisdom to lead a noble and meaningful life. Hence this protocol ranking.

The status of the teacher is also sublime- he is Brahma,Vishu and Maheswara all combined in one…. the all pervading spirit …. We prostrate before him with the invocation:
Gurur Brahma Gururvishnuh
Gururdevo Maheswarah
Guruh sakshat parabrmhah
Thasmai Shree Gurave namah!”

Devotion to teachers is the concept formed, developed and continued down the ages for millions of years. Hindu mythology and ancient Indian literature are littered with stories and anecdotes touching upon this unwritten code of teacher-taught relationship (Guru-Shishya bandha) highlighting the absolute authority of the teacher over his pupils.

In times of yore, imparting of knowledge ( not just education) was done though institutions known as Gurukuls. It was a residential course of several years or even decades, the student having to live in the teacher’s house as part of the family , sharing and enduring the agonies and ecstasies of the teacher’s family. On seeking his approval, the Parents just left their children at the formative age with a teacher and the latter developed them according to their vasanas , i.e. the temperament and aptitude. No force was ever used on the child to adopt a particular skill- it was all left to his aptitude which was encouraged, developed and fine tuned over a period.

The student was exposed to various experiences and areas of life as part of the curriculum and he was even a part of the household chores- including milking of cows, fetching water from the river, bringing firewood and vegetables, helping the guru’s wife for cooking and so on. It was not a regimented or structured syllabus with a time frame, but a flexible approach enabling the teacher to observe, identify and zero in on the pupil’s aptitude and capabilities and develop them further. Those who displayed passive intellectual calibre were taught the scriptures and Vedas and administrative wisdom.. Those with chivalrous and adventurous traits were inducted into knowledge areas of war fare and physical development.. A redeeming feature of the education was that the essence of dharma and noble living was common topic to all students. Even during the era of varnashram (caste based hierarchical society) this practice with a professional approach was continued. The Brahmin was empowered with knowledge of Vedas and administration, the kshatriya was trained in physical development- running, use of mace, archery etc, The other two segments- sudras and vaishyas- were also trained on agriculture, animal husbandry and in trade. This ensured a balanced society with specified areas of functioning. Here again the base line for all the areas was dharma or ethics in profession.

One outstanding feature all through these periods was the community’s attitude to the teacher. His position continued to be sublime, he had unquestioned, unchallenged authority. Any act of the teacher was beyond questioning and the pupils took great delight in satisfying the Guru’s desires.

The teachers neither expected nor accepted any fee. At the end of the curriculum, every student was supposed to seek of the teacher and give a Guru dakshina if suggested by the teacher and this was one occasion where the student had a chance to prove his devotion and reverence to the teacher. The story goes that Lord Krishna and Balarama, on conclusion of their with Sage Sandipani, asked of him of his Gurudakshina. The sage opened up his heart and told them to bring back alive his only son who was drowned in the sea. Indeed a very difficult task, but it was the dakshina desired by the teacher. They set in, dived deep into the ocean, and still not finding the boy finally reached the abode of the Lord of death, demanded the Guru’s son back, got him and came back with a sense of fulfillment.

Speaking untruths, cheating or disrespect shown to the teacher in deeds, words or even thoughts were considered a great sin and attracted severe punishments. Certain teachers in the name of discipline and adherence to dharma administered and enforced extreme punishments upon their students. In such cases the parents and the community in general approved of the judgment and accepted the teacher’s decision in silence. The Parent Teacher Associations and the student oriented NGOs of modern days will certainly condemn these acts as barbarian.

Karna (who was a kshatriya by birth) posed himself as a Brahmin and learnt Vedas as well as archery from his teacher the great sage Parashurama. And was immensely pleased with his devotion. One day by a strange accident, he realized that Karna had learnt under him by deceit and posing himself as a Brahmin, which he was not.Overcome with anger he cursed Karna that at the crucial moment of any war he was participating, he would suffer amnesia , forget his lessons and be killed. The sage’s curse came true during the war at Kurukshetra.

That disrespect to a teacher even in silent thought was sacrilege and the punishment was nothing short of death penalty is exemplified in the famous story of Sukumar Mahakavi. Sukumar was the most favourite among all his students for his teacher, who built up great hopes and expectations on him emerging as a glowing poet and litterateur. To achieve this, often he resorted to beating this student for better and better performance, but in the bottom of his heart was his great love , affection and respect for the child’s inherent potentialities. One day he tortured him beyond the limits of endurance. Provoked by this and unable to bear this pain as well as humiliation any more, Sukumar thought to himself that he would kill the teacher and planned its execution, all by himself. On second thoughts Sukumar realized his folly and confessed to the teacher of his bad intention. Even rejecting his own wife’s plea for mercy on the boy, the teacher gave him death sentence by self-immolation and it was carried out in the presence of a large gathering of students, his own class mates and citizens.

Pandavas, the princes learnt lessons on archery from the family Guru, Dronacharya. A boy of low case had been watching the coaching classes but as he was a low born he was not eligible to study the art. But eager to learn, and as it has to be under a Guru, the boy made a replica of the Guru in clay, prostrated before it every day and picked up the art of archery in hiding without the knowledge of any one .One day Drone became aware of his skills which even excelled the princes . Dronacaharya was mighty pleased, but since the boy picked up the lessons in hiding, it was cheating on two counts- a low caste picking up a privilege of the kshatriyas and that too in hiding without his knowledge..gross indiscipline! Even so Dronacharay was entitled for a Gurudakshina. He demanded the thumb of the boy-very essential for archery- as Gurudakshina, fully aware that without the thumb one cannot hold a bow and arrow. With no hesitation, with a smile the boy cut his thumb and placed it at the feet of the Guru and immortalized himself as the legendary Ek Lavya.

It is pertinent to note here that if to the Devas their teacher is Bruhaspati, the Demons have Shukracharya as their teacher. Both the camps respect both the teachers as role models irrespective of their affiliations.


b k chowla
data collected from various writings and info

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our family has gone through some anxious moments before the arrival of new one .He has come and made everyone happy, Especially Akhlesh and Prachi .
Since Divine intervention helped and prevailed, an appropriate name has been found...DAIWIK...meaning “BY GRACE OF GOD”
Those waiting to meet DAIWIK soon are Bua Priya and Masi Pragya.Bua is coming to Singapore to meet him and Masi will meet him before she goes off to London. Siddhanth is happy that he will not be called a Mundu anymore. Nani and Nana can’t wait for him to come for Diwali

Pram is fun.I have started to go for evening walks.

Nappies seem to get wet...again...again...again.

So bath time.I will be a good and clean boy.

It is feed time before nap.

Mama's lap is the coziest place.

I am tired and good night..it is time to sleep.I have wished Dad Happy father's day

author........b k chowla

Friday, June 19, 2009

(elect) POWER (mis) MANAGEMENT

I am not an electrical engineer, but I know that if I put on the switch, bulb should burn and fan should run.

I also understand that there are three stages of electricity before it reaches us.(correct me if I am wrong) A....GENERATION. B...TRANSMISSION. C.....DISTRIBUTION.

All the above three actions/operations are taking place, under the eyes, guidance and direction of the Govt. Then there is also a regulatory authority. Why is it that there is not enough power for you and me, even after 60 yrs and repeated promises during elections? There is a ministry with a budget of Rs thousounds of crores and a cabinet rank minister in-charge of power. So why is there a shortage of power?

Can we try and analyse the following numbers/figures? I have my gut feel that a lot of unanswered questions may get answered. Say...
Generated...........100 units.......
Transmitted....units....Transit loss
Distributed.....units.....Distribution loss.
Govt installations...units
VIPs...................units (Free)
Farmers............. units...Free? Paid? (For political reasons)

Finally, what is the balance qty of units available for distribution to aam-aadmi who actually pays a higher, unreasonable per unit cost for all the free and uninterrupted electricity consumed by VIPs without getting enough for himself.

In effect, for every 100 units, generated, how many units are being given to VIPs and how many units are being given to common man.? You and me? Let us try and find out.

These figures should be worked out on state-to state basis. It will be an eye opener and may put some of the ministers/ ministries to shame. I will not be surprised that VIPs may be getting unlimited and uninterrupted free supplies whereas poor are dying in 43 c.

Can we begin the analyses with the States which claim to have been re-elected on basis of performance?

Will some NGO please come forward to file a RTI application to get this data? It will be in national cause.
author.......B K Chowla

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Looking at my album,I came across this picture which both of us had agreed to preserve.
I have spent some quality time with the Kapoor family.I would still rate them as one of the most decent families of the film industry.
This picture was taken at their family residence at Chembur,Mumbai.
Of course,this was,before I started to lose hair and he started to gain weight.
author.....b k chowla

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Thankfully,15th Lok Sabha has been formed. It is PM’s prerogative to choose his council of ministers and allocate the ministries to them.
However, every one of us has a wish list; I have mine, from a middle class man’s perspective.

Present Govt completes its five yrs term.

Two peculiar words that divide the society, “communal” and “minorities” are banned.

We have voted the present team to govern, not to rule. They should not treat us like subjects and themselves as masters.

Media should stop sensationalising news. Only recently,one English news channel ran continuous scroll”Gulamnabi Azad and Farookh Abdullah” likely to “Muslim” faces in the cabinet. Another example...on the 27th, there will be water shortage in South and Central Delhi. Most of the channels went crazy giving this breaking news, including graphical explanation. Why? Because the VIP area will be without water for over two hours. Would these channels please cover the cities and towns which do not get water for days at a stretch?

People at large want to feel safe and secure.

Corruption in the Govt deptt including in Judiciary should be eliminated. Expose all the corrupt (not just small fry)

Tell us of the MEHANGAI and not the inflation rate in % terms. Tell us the rates of,Wheat-Bajra-Cooking Oil-Sugar-Potatoes-Onions and few more wage goods in comparison to corresponding period last year, only then will we understand MEHANGAI.

Interest rates to be corrected not only for the big boys, also for the senior citizens.
Implement Police reforms.
Implement judicial reforms.
Implement electoral reforms.

Do not tolerate black mail by coalition partners and tainted ministers.

Keep discussing Swiss accounts, even though we know it will be a futile exercise.

Put extra emphasis on infrastructure,Sarak-Bijli-Paani.Trust the common man, he is really suffering in 43c without water and erratic water supply. May be; restrict watering of VIP bungalow lawns.

Try and make CBI more credible.

Make bureaucrats accountable.

No bureaucrat should be allowed to join any political party for 5 yrs after retirement.

Special provisions for the girl child in terms of education and social justice and education for all.

Remove the impression of minority appeasement.

Fighting terror must be the priority(Pl give police some modern equipment and not lathis)

Make policies on illegal Bangladeshis clear.

Please do not make VIP security so visible that the common man feels neglected and inferior.

Borders with China-Pakistan-Bangladesh-Nepal SriLanka need greater vigilance.

Agriculture and the farmers need greater attention (more than the BCCI needs)

Nuke deal is not a deal...it is an agreement.

Look at rivers connectivity.

NE states to be nurtured as they have been neglected,perhaps,due to non-attractive number of Lok Sabha seats compared to some other larger states.

Diplomacy is a good tool; at the same time rushing to the US gives an impression of inferiority.

Look at the Naxal problem with open mind.

Try and forget- Godhara-Sikh Riots-Bofors-Q-Kandhar- and similar irritants of the past.

Media should stop using the words “PRINCE” “YUVRAJ” “PRINCESS”. They themselves have disassociated themselves with this terminology.

Stop addressing some of the party presidents as SUPREMO (it smells of Mogambo)

Do not impress us-aamaadmi-with sensex figures. It is of no consequence.

Wind-up all the 100 odd enquiry commissions as they will never produce results and are only a financial load on the tax payer.

Scrutinise and audit all the NGOs and those who have not performed, should be scrapped forthwith.

Regulate the fund flow to NGOs, political parties and religious outfits.
Voter gave you the oppurtunity to Govern...don't let him down, next 5 yrs are not far away.
author.....b k chowla

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


26/11, claimed the lives of some of our most respected and decorated Police officers.
Somewhere along the line, the quality of bullet proof jackets became a suspect. As a consequence, as always, an enquiry was ordered.

Now, the relevant file containing details of the purchase of the alleged sub-standard Bullet Proof Jackets has gone missing. This has been announced officially by the state. The file and the subject are of national interest and national security. There is a chance that the guilty may go scott free in the absence of the relevant file.

26/11 probe is being followed not only by Pak, but all the other countries that have experienced terror strikes and the ones to whom we gave the substantial evidence of Pakistan’s involvement in the crime.
What will the world think of us as a nation?
We have something to hide?
We are corrupt?
Or would they be laughing at us?
The media has picked up the story but would rather discuss the stock market.

Those of us in the civil society should hang our head in shame. May be, if we were not corrupt, good officers like Karkare would still be alive
It is time to think.
May his soul rest in peace.
author.....b k chowla

Saturday, June 6, 2009


We all know as to what is happening to the Indian students in Australia.

We are living in fool’s paradise if we think that the Govt is going to take action or act tough with Australia .We, as a nation, have the history of being punched by one and all. At best, concerned officers and ministers will make silly statements on TV to complete their ministerial formalities. Nothing will change. Let us do what we think is right without involving the Govt.
We just might achieve something.

Amitabh Bachchan has already set an example.

I suggest we should remain civil and take the following actions and make sure we announce this to the Australian Embassy and to the world through international media, say BBC, CNN and the Australian news network......URGENTLY.
1.....Indian film industry should decide not to shoot in Australia. They should stand united in this effort.

2.....Indian cricketers and BCCI should decide not to play in Australia.

3.....Indian tennis players should decide not to play in Australia.

4.... Indian tourists in general must decide not visit Australia.

We should hit the Australians where it hurts the most. If, we take and implement the above four actions, it will shake the hell out of racist Australians.
Let the Australians apologies to the Indians and India. They should be made to rub their nose in the dust and taste dust.
We should do what is right.

Let us make an effort so that we are not repeatedly used as punching bags.
Let us not wait for the Govt to take action, which in any case will make stereotyped moves.
Our respect, self-esteem and lives of our students is at stake.
Time to get tough....They say," when the going gets tough , tough get going"
author... B K Chowla

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

HAFIZ SAEED......26/11.

Hafeez saeed has been released by Pak high court for lack of evidence .That is a subject for discussion and action by experts.

However, as reported by TV channels, following are some of the shocking reactions/comments from Indian side.

Release of Saeed most unfortunate.....Tharror.(thanks for info)

India informs US that release of Saeed not acceptable.....Source(why US?)

India envoy to update the US of India’s concern....Source.(why US?)

Decision is regrettable and shows that Pak is not serious about fighting terror...S M Krishna.(are we?)

We are unhappy that Pakistan does not show the degree of seriousness and commitment that it should to bring to the perpetrators of the crime....Chidambaram.(let show our seriousness,sir)

Indian foreign Secy to brief Mr Burn on India’s stand....Source.(why US?)

Ms Clinton to be briefed before she comes to India next month......Source(whyUS?)

These are only few of the comments on TV and in the Indian press.

In the next few days, there will be heated discussions on TV channels with “experts” who are nothing more than the spokes person of different parties. Before the discussions end on Saeed, parties on TV would blame each other and in the process we all would have forgotten the main issue. And to add to credibility and enertaiment value for TRPs, someone from some other country(Pak/US) will join the discussion through Video conference. Hail..............discussion over, TRP rated.
There will be another TV channel who will run a programme explaining the reasons why is Pak in the present state of affairs..(Who Cares?)We may find another expert on this channel who has been the High Commissioner to Pak supported by editor of some weekly/newspaper. Hail...........discussion over,TRP rated.

I am not an expert in diplomacy, I have no love or hate for Pak but I have only one question.

How long will we continue to run to Whitehouse for help which we never seem to get?

US aid to Pak has increased three times in the recent past.?

How long will we continue to feel that we are experts in making comments after the event is over?

How long will we continue to feel unsafe, helpless and spineless?

All I understand that fighting terror in files may be difficult; it has to be fought on the ground.
We cannot fight terror with Lathis, forces need modern equipment. It is six months since 26/11 and the feeling generally is that we have still to get anti-terror equipment.Is it true?

No one from the Govt has come forward to assure the nation of its resolve to eliminate terror and those who were responsible for it. All we get to hear is.................WE WILL TELL US.

Saeed has been released and Kasab is demanding Toothpaste and we are discussing his toothpaste demand on the TV channels.

It seems that the priorities of both the countries are clearly spelt out.

Time has come to wake-up and act and not to make statements, to show to the world that we mean business, to tell our country men that we are not spineless, to tell our forces that we are with you and will replace your Lathis soon, we the babus will leave our A/C cabins and fight with you,to tell the country men and the world that we can think for ourselves and are not junior partners to US,the world sees us as the great democracy,now let us show them that we mean business and will not take non-sense from noone,we are capable of defending ourselves and can fight terror.

Time will tell.


author...B K Chowla