Wednesday, June 3, 2009

HAFIZ SAEED......26/11.

Hafeez saeed has been released by Pak high court for lack of evidence .That is a subject for discussion and action by experts.

However, as reported by TV channels, following are some of the shocking reactions/comments from Indian side.

Release of Saeed most unfortunate.....Tharror.(thanks for info)

India informs US that release of Saeed not acceptable.....Source(why US?)

India envoy to update the US of India’s concern....Source.(why US?)

Decision is regrettable and shows that Pak is not serious about fighting terror...S M Krishna.(are we?)

We are unhappy that Pakistan does not show the degree of seriousness and commitment that it should to bring to the perpetrators of the crime....Chidambaram.(let show our seriousness,sir)

Indian foreign Secy to brief Mr Burn on India’s stand....Source.(why US?)

Ms Clinton to be briefed before she comes to India next month......Source(whyUS?)

These are only few of the comments on TV and in the Indian press.

In the next few days, there will be heated discussions on TV channels with “experts” who are nothing more than the spokes person of different parties. Before the discussions end on Saeed, parties on TV would blame each other and in the process we all would have forgotten the main issue. And to add to credibility and enertaiment value for TRPs, someone from some other country(Pak/US) will join the discussion through Video conference. Hail..............discussion over, TRP rated.
There will be another TV channel who will run a programme explaining the reasons why is Pak in the present state of affairs..(Who Cares?)We may find another expert on this channel who has been the High Commissioner to Pak supported by editor of some weekly/newspaper. Hail...........discussion over,TRP rated.

I am not an expert in diplomacy, I have no love or hate for Pak but I have only one question.

How long will we continue to run to Whitehouse for help which we never seem to get?

US aid to Pak has increased three times in the recent past.?

How long will we continue to feel that we are experts in making comments after the event is over?

How long will we continue to feel unsafe, helpless and spineless?

All I understand that fighting terror in files may be difficult; it has to be fought on the ground.
We cannot fight terror with Lathis, forces need modern equipment. It is six months since 26/11 and the feeling generally is that we have still to get anti-terror equipment.Is it true?

No one from the Govt has come forward to assure the nation of its resolve to eliminate terror and those who were responsible for it. All we get to hear is.................WE WILL TELL US.

Saeed has been released and Kasab is demanding Toothpaste and we are discussing his toothpaste demand on the TV channels.

It seems that the priorities of both the countries are clearly spelt out.

Time has come to wake-up and act and not to make statements, to show to the world that we mean business, to tell our country men that we are not spineless, to tell our forces that we are with you and will replace your Lathis soon, we the babus will leave our A/C cabins and fight with you,to tell the country men and the world that we can think for ourselves and are not junior partners to US,the world sees us as the great democracy,now let us show them that we mean business and will not take non-sense from noone,we are capable of defending ourselves and can fight terror.

Time will tell.


author...B K Chowla

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