Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our family has gone through some anxious moments before the arrival of new one .He has come and made everyone happy, Especially Akhlesh and Prachi .
Since Divine intervention helped and prevailed, an appropriate name has been found...DAIWIK...meaning “BY GRACE OF GOD”
Those waiting to meet DAIWIK soon are Bua Priya and Masi Pragya.Bua is coming to Singapore to meet him and Masi will meet him before she goes off to London. Siddhanth is happy that he will not be called a Mundu anymore. Nani and Nana can’t wait for him to come for Diwali

Pram is fun.I have started to go for evening walks.

Nappies seem to get wet...again...again...again.

So bath time.I will be a good and clean boy.

It is feed time before nap.

Mama's lap is the coziest place.

I am tired and good is time to sleep.I have wished Dad Happy father's day

author........b k chowla

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