Saturday, June 6, 2009


We all know as to what is happening to the Indian students in Australia.

We are living in fool’s paradise if we think that the Govt is going to take action or act tough with Australia .We, as a nation, have the history of being punched by one and all. At best, concerned officers and ministers will make silly statements on TV to complete their ministerial formalities. Nothing will change. Let us do what we think is right without involving the Govt.
We just might achieve something.

Amitabh Bachchan has already set an example.

I suggest we should remain civil and take the following actions and make sure we announce this to the Australian Embassy and to the world through international media, say BBC, CNN and the Australian news network......URGENTLY.
1.....Indian film industry should decide not to shoot in Australia. They should stand united in this effort.

2.....Indian cricketers and BCCI should decide not to play in Australia.

3.....Indian tennis players should decide not to play in Australia.

4.... Indian tourists in general must decide not visit Australia.

We should hit the Australians where it hurts the most. If, we take and implement the above four actions, it will shake the hell out of racist Australians.
Let the Australians apologies to the Indians and India. They should be made to rub their nose in the dust and taste dust.
We should do what is right.

Let us make an effort so that we are not repeatedly used as punching bags.
Let us not wait for the Govt to take action, which in any case will make stereotyped moves.
Our respect, self-esteem and lives of our students is at stake.
Time to get tough....They say," when the going gets tough , tough get going"
author... B K Chowla

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