Sunday, June 14, 2009


Thankfully,15th Lok Sabha has been formed. It is PM’s prerogative to choose his council of ministers and allocate the ministries to them.
However, every one of us has a wish list; I have mine, from a middle class man’s perspective.

Present Govt completes its five yrs term.

Two peculiar words that divide the society, “communal” and “minorities” are banned.

We have voted the present team to govern, not to rule. They should not treat us like subjects and themselves as masters.

Media should stop sensationalising news. Only recently,one English news channel ran continuous scroll”Gulamnabi Azad and Farookh Abdullah” likely to “Muslim” faces in the cabinet. Another example...on the 27th, there will be water shortage in South and Central Delhi. Most of the channels went crazy giving this breaking news, including graphical explanation. Why? Because the VIP area will be without water for over two hours. Would these channels please cover the cities and towns which do not get water for days at a stretch?

People at large want to feel safe and secure.

Corruption in the Govt deptt including in Judiciary should be eliminated. Expose all the corrupt (not just small fry)

Tell us of the MEHANGAI and not the inflation rate in % terms. Tell us the rates of,Wheat-Bajra-Cooking Oil-Sugar-Potatoes-Onions and few more wage goods in comparison to corresponding period last year, only then will we understand MEHANGAI.

Interest rates to be corrected not only for the big boys, also for the senior citizens.
Implement Police reforms.
Implement judicial reforms.
Implement electoral reforms.

Do not tolerate black mail by coalition partners and tainted ministers.

Keep discussing Swiss accounts, even though we know it will be a futile exercise.

Put extra emphasis on infrastructure,Sarak-Bijli-Paani.Trust the common man, he is really suffering in 43c without water and erratic water supply. May be; restrict watering of VIP bungalow lawns.

Try and make CBI more credible.

Make bureaucrats accountable.

No bureaucrat should be allowed to join any political party for 5 yrs after retirement.

Special provisions for the girl child in terms of education and social justice and education for all.

Remove the impression of minority appeasement.

Fighting terror must be the priority(Pl give police some modern equipment and not lathis)

Make policies on illegal Bangladeshis clear.

Please do not make VIP security so visible that the common man feels neglected and inferior.

Borders with China-Pakistan-Bangladesh-Nepal SriLanka need greater vigilance.

Agriculture and the farmers need greater attention (more than the BCCI needs)

Nuke deal is not a is an agreement.

Look at rivers connectivity.

NE states to be nurtured as they have been neglected,perhaps,due to non-attractive number of Lok Sabha seats compared to some other larger states.

Diplomacy is a good tool; at the same time rushing to the US gives an impression of inferiority.

Look at the Naxal problem with open mind.

Try and forget- Godhara-Sikh Riots-Bofors-Q-Kandhar- and similar irritants of the past.

Media should stop using the words “PRINCE” “YUVRAJ” “PRINCESS”. They themselves have disassociated themselves with this terminology.

Stop addressing some of the party presidents as SUPREMO (it smells of Mogambo)

Do not impress us-aamaadmi-with sensex figures. It is of no consequence.

Wind-up all the 100 odd enquiry commissions as they will never produce results and are only a financial load on the tax payer.

Scrutinise and audit all the NGOs and those who have not performed, should be scrapped forthwith.

Regulate the fund flow to NGOs, political parties and religious outfits.
Voter gave you the oppurtunity to Govern...don't let him down, next 5 yrs are not far away.
author.....b k chowla

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