Friday, July 24, 2009


Security for the VIPs is more of a status symbol than the real need. It is a by-product of an allergy called Threat Perception for which no medication is prescribed.

Home Ministry is considering down- grading the security of some of the VIPs including Lallu,Malayam and Maywati and some more like Rabari Devi.

Since Myawati’s security status is under is consideration,her MPs did not allow the Rajya Sabha to function and was forced to adjourn.

Lallu,in Lok Sabha, on the floor of the house, discussed his security issue and lodged a protest.

Mulayam singh also took up this issue of his security on the floor of the house and lodged a protest.

Some other MPs fearing similar downgrading were silent supporters

We, the people voted them to power so that we could feel secure and here we have a bunch of selfish, self-centred,insecure,corrupt and non caring,non performing MPs who would go to any extent for their safety and personal interest.

These are the same MPs who hardly ever attend Parliament sessions or discuss serious national issues on the floor of the house, covering recession, internal and external security, unemployment, terror, drought,inflation,education,corruption,judicial reforms,police reforms,electoral reforms and many more.

Not one MP has till date protested against Mumbai police, even after 26/11, carrying Lathees whereas they themselves as individuals are being covered by commandos with latest guns.

Who are these MPs afraid of?

May be of themselves, their misdeeds and their own dark shadow?

Do they realise they have let us and the nation down?

Yes, they are a big letdown.

Is the aam-aadmi-the common man- lost in the crowd of VIPs?

May be, yes.



author......B K Chowla

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