Thursday, August 20, 2009


Yes,that is the name of a village in Northern Kerala.

The last set of twins born here was on 10Th June and the oldest surviving twins are aged about 67 yrs old.
If one was to go around this village ,one will be tempted to call it a twin village.

This village has a unique distinction of having an average of 45 to 1000 twins, which is almost 7 times the global average.It has over 204 sets of surviving twins and has only close to 2300 families who do not have any special diet and are not exposed to any chemicals and have no intake of any drugs for fertility.
Most of these twins are not identical and reportedly the women who move away from Kodinji still give birth to twins.

According to Strait Times,Dr Ksishnan Sribiju,who is studying the twin phenomenon says"It's an amazing phenomenon to see a medical marvel occurring in such a localised place where the people are not exposed to any kinds of harmful drugs or harmful chemicals"

A medical marvel,isn't it?


posted 20/08/09 by B K C howla

source the Strait Times

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