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Deen Dayal Upadhayay Marg is a prime location in Delhi.

The Mahatma Gandhi Peace Foundation was allotted land at DDU Marg in 1959. It is an organisation involved in the study, research and promotion of the teachings of The Mahatma.

The central Govt is seeking to take back the allotted land to The Gandhi Peace Foundation on flimsy grounds that it had violated the terms of the lease by constructing sheds and letting other organisations to function from there and the Foundation was indulging in ”anti-Govt activities”.

The Govt counsel said that the basement, according to lease, was to be used as for storage but was being used as an office.

The case was decided in favour of The Gandhi Peace Foundation last year, but, Centre, not willing to give up its claim for the land, filed a Special Leave Petition before the Supreme Court.

Justice Agarwal, refusing to admit the petition, said that a number of politicians continue to occupy Government bungalows even after they were no longer entitled to stay there.

“These are sacred institutions and should not be treated like ordinary allottees, said a bench comprising Justice B. N.Agarwal and Justice G.S.Singhvi. They said this while dismissing an appeal filed by centre.

Govts seem to have virtually forgotten the real heroes like Gandhi, Bose, Bhagat Singh be it on their respective birth or death anniversary.

Why is the Govt so keen on getting back this piece of land?

Should such land allotments be disturbed and especially, this one in subject concerns the Father of the Nation?

Should we not show even basic respect to the Mahatma?? We still address him as MAHATMA?

Why is the nation losing respect for those actually fought and got us the freedom??

Why is the common man not reacting to such situations??

Why is the youth insensitive to such incidents?

Why is the Govt not taking similar action against those MPs/Ministers who have made unauthorised changes in the Govt bungalows?

Why is the national attitude of the country changing towards the national heroes??

If the Govt case has any credibility,should they not throw out all those MPs /Ministers who are over staying in the Govt accommodation?

Are the national heroes becoming irrelevant in the country?

Any guesses as to what the Govt may do with and intends to do with this prime property??

I think your guess is as good as mine.


posted on 20/09/09 by b k chowla

report courtsey from mailtoday

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