Sunday, September 27, 2009



A number of incidents take place around us every day that we react to on various considerations. At times the reactions are silly, considerate, real, customary, business like without realising the conesequences....Some of the incidents in the last few days come to my mind.

Maj.J.S.suri died fighting militants in Kashmir was given a tearful farewell in Hyderabad.

Reaction... The state says,"Maj. Suri sacrificed his life fighting terrorism that is threatening the world. The Govt will always be a source of support to the martyr’s family." (impressed? I only hope his family doesn’t have to run around for years for them to get their dues.)

Chief of the Air Staff makes a public statement that over 100 senior IAF pilots have resigned wanting to join the Private sector .According to the Chief, India’s air strength is 1/3rd that of China

Reaction...No reaction from the Govt., (surprised?) except Chief’s junior contradicts him the next day

Rahul Gandhi goes on tour to UP without any hoo-hulla. (He is doing a good job).

Reaction...Mayawati overreacts, makes all sorts of noises as she is feeling insecure. Also Congress netas use this God sent opportunity to show their loyalty to their boss.

Yuvraj Singh is injured and will be out from the current series.(this was a bigger news than Maj.Suri’s)

Reaction...SATTA markets react. Rates take a plunge immediately.

Pakistan is not acting hard on Hafiz Saeed.

Reaction...Chidambaram goes to America to explain and complain to the international Policeman.(surprised?) S M Krishna makes some routine statements which no one cares for.

Sharad Pawar talks to TV media and informs of forthcoming Rice shortage in the country.

Reaction... Hoarders get into action and Rice starts to disappear from the shelves and prices expected to shoot up by Rs 10/kg.

Sharad Pawar, sometime back had done similar exercise for Sugar.

Reaction... Hoarders got into act,Sugar disappeared and prices now are at Rs 33/kg.

SM Krishna and Tharoor check out of five star hotels saying they paid their own bills. (Do you believe this joke?)

Reaction...BJP mentions, in connection with the payment of Krishna’s bills, that a Washington based lobbying firm, headed by a former diplomat that was engaged by the Govt to lobby for the nuke deal in the US congress, could be involved.

Rajendra Shekhawat, The President’s son gets Congress ticket from Amravati. Political morality takes a dip.(who cares)

Reaction...I am a congress soldier for the last 10 years and I want to serve the people of my country and the constituency, says Rajendra Shekhawat.(how patriotic?)

Govt decides to go on austerity drive and all ministers travel economy class.(impressed)

Reaction...Economy class passengers are being upgraded to business class to accommodate the VIPs and their security in the economy class.



posted 27/09/09 by b k chowla

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