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Rajiv Gandhi was one PM who was forthright and honest to the extent that he did not shy away from stating the truth in public.

In the year, 1985, Rajiv Gandhi ,then PM , was visiting Kalahandi in Orissa. He made a revealing statement that only 17 paisa, out of every Rupee, reached those that it was meant for. He was referring to the money the Govt gave for development schemes for the welfare of the poor.

This statement made headlines then (now we don’t react to corruption related statements)

This year in April, before elections, Rahul Gandhi,disappointedly referred to his Father’s sentiment of 1985 and said that the position has not improved since then, if at all, it has worsened.

Last week, in Mumbai, PM, Dr Manmohan Singh, said “Leakages of funds earmarked for development does exist but I don’t admit these leakages are as big as is being mentioned”.

Rajiv Gandhi raised the issue about funds misuse/ leakage. (an honest man)

Rahul Gandhi says, since 1985, the situation has worsened. (A man known to call a spade a spade)

PM Manmohan Singh says there is leakage but not to that extent. (No one can doubt his credibility)

Above three credible Indian personalities, have confirmed misuse and siphoning of funds meant for the poor.

Now consider these figures.

Previous year, an amount of Rs 3, 50,000 crores(three lakh fifty thousand crores) was budgeted for social sector/development by the States and the central Govts.

Consider the level of corruption of 1985, as said by respected Rajiv Gandhi...17 Paisa out of each Rupee reached the beneficiary. Thus.......out of Rs 3, 50,000 crores .

Rs 60,000 crores reached their destination

Rs 29,000 crores get leaked /siphoned out to various Politicians, Middlemen, etc (mind blowing amount. Isn’t it?)

It is 24 years since Rajiv Gandhi made a factual statement on corruption.!!!!!

Has any Govt at States or Centre taken any action to plug the leakage?

Has any political party made this as a national issue?

Has the bureaucracy made any effort to set things in order?

Has any NGO taken pains to take up this issue at any public platform?

Has any NGO cared to file a PIL so that judiciary could take action?

Has the media been responsible by not taking up this subject?

Who cares?


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