Friday, November 6, 2009



Indian oil has seen one of its worst devastating fires ever at the Jaipur depot on Thursday. (29Th)

Expected estimated loss is over Rs 1000crores. (Final tally still not known).

Reported official figure of dead as of now is 12 (Hard to believe).

Reportedly about 20000 people have lost their jobs due to spread of fire in the Industrial area.

The Rajasthan High Court has issued notice to Central and State Govts to explain as to what action has been taken to douse the fire.

Final figures of injured, dead, loss, compensations,etc will be known and assessed only after and when the fire is brought under control which is now spread to the ground.

The day the depot caught fire, it was news on most of the TV channels.Naturally.

But breaking news was most interesting......Petroleum minister Deora to go to Jaipur.....Then, Deora on way to Jaipur......Then, Deora reaches Jaipur.

Naturally, one was very impressed with the Govt’s visible concern about fire at IOC and to have deputed Deora to Jaipur.

One was shocked to see petroleum minister Deora’s picture in Sunday HT attending a party in Delhi which HT described as.....

‘’The party took place at the sprawling lawns at the Taj Palace with guests...........about leadership challenges over cocktails and dinner”

“The mood was festive as the delegates relaxed after a day of discussions on global and national issues. The menu featured dishes from across India.”

Did you notice.......Global and National issues------Cocktails and dinner-----Menu from across India?

Jaipur is burning---there are job losses---numbers of people have died---losses running into crores, but petroleum minister is at a cocktails and dinner party at a five star hotel in Delhi.

Should the minister have been supervising the operations at the IOC depot?

Should the minister have been taking care of those injured, at the hospital?

Should the minister have been involved in checking security measures at the IOC depot?

Was the minister a speaker at the summit? I don’t think he was?

Should the minister have been attending the cocktails and dinner party in Delhi at a five star hotel while destruction were taking place in Jaipur?(THREE HUNDRED KMs AWAY)

Were there enough fire tenders at the depot? (Tenders were brought from Mumbai and Delhi)

Why and who allowed the oil depots next to the industrial estate and residential colony?

A lady from Jaipur has filed a complaint of negligence against Deora. Can we have some more brave like Ms Sarika Luhadia please?

When will we have someone to govern rather than rule this country?



posted by b k chowla on nov 6th 2009.

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