Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Democracy has the unique advantage in which the electorate takes two decisions. One is to vote in more than 50% to Govern-called ruling party. The other is to vote in a credible party to work as the watch dog-called opposition. If the opposition party does not perform, it can create a very serious problem for the country and democracy. It can make the ruling party undemocratic and insensitive towards the people.

Let us take only Delhi as a case in point.BJP,the main opposition party is invisible. Some of the following actions/decisions/statements by the ruling Congress will prove a point as to how an insensitive Govt can harm the common man.

In the last few months, the Congress Govt has announced the following hard and unpopular decisions, undemocratically, without a word of opposition from BJP (people’s voice is never heard).

DTC bus fares have been increased and only the middle class will suffer-BJP is silent and non existent

Metro rail fares have been increased - BJP is on a heavy dose of sleeping pills.

Fares of feeder bus service to metro stations have been increased-BJP is on a pause mode.

Milk prices have been increased by Rs 2/lt-BJP is busy fighting between themselves.

There is a continuous threat that Delhi Govt is considering withdrawal of subsidy of Rs 40/cylinder on LPG-BJP has no clue as to how to react.

The electricity tariff has been increased by 40%--BJP is ok with us getting electric shocks.

Delhi Jal Board has passed a resolution to increase the rate of water in Delhi-BJP couldn’t careless as they now drink only mineral water.

Manu Sharma was given parole in Sept and was extended by Shiela Dixit despite objection from the Delhi police-BJP,like all of us were not aware because BJP has failed as opposition party.

BJP lost elections in Delhi because the prices of onions had touched Rs 20/kg. Today the prices of vegetables have hit the ceiling and remain unaffordable. Instead of taking on Shiela Dixit, BJP are taking on Reddy Bros of Karnataka.

Butter is not available in the market.Yes plenty is available in black market from the hoarders.

The toll tariff on Delhi-Gurgaon-Delhi has been increased. It is estimated that more than 1.50 lakh vehicles cross every day. Considering an average increase of Rs 2/ vehicle, the extra collection per day has increased by about Rs 3.00 lakhs, which about Rs 11 crores per year. Where is the justification? -BJP remains a silent spectator.

Tariff on Delhi-Noida-Delhi has been increased on similar lines as DGD route. Extra collection per year on this route is about Rs 9 crores. - BJP remained a silent spectator.

Just by sitting on dharna at Jantar Mantar, a walk out in the assembly or a Delhi bandh is not an answer,it is a sign of tired and frustrated opposition, the BJP.

What is stated above is only about Delhi. We can imagine as to what havoc the Govt can play if there are no checks and balances by the opposition for which BJP was voted in

It is essential that nationally also the opposition is strong so that the ruling party performs the jobs they have been voted in.

It is in our national interest to have a strong ruling and the opposition party.

With the condition of the BJP on the National level, we may have to face a very serious situation in the country if the ruling party remains uncheked


posted by b k chowla 17/11/09

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