Tuesday, December 1, 2009



Since media has so much extra time at their disposal, unknowingly they give away information. Try and figure out these complicated figures.

It is about seven months that the present Govt took charge. Ministers have moved into their respective offices. The amount they have spent on renovating their offices may send one in a dizzy. Even the earlier Govt was that of UPA who had spent Rs crores for office renovation. Details of expenditure of all the 78 ministers is not available yet. Some are...

Vilas Rao Deshmukh........Rs 17.54 lakhs on “modernisation”

Anand Sharma.................Rs 14.78 lakhs

Jyotiraditya Scindia.......... Rs 14.98 lakhs.

Jatin Prasad.....................Rs 11..40 lakhs

Kapil Sibal........................Rs 3.23 lakhs on “toilet and office texture painting”

Mukul Wasnik .................Rs 8.22 lakhs on “visitors” room.

Amount spent by other 70 ministers is not yet known, but considering the amount spent by six is bad enough example. It is estimated that total amount spent on renovations could touch Rs 100 crores.

Subject to confirmation, an amount of Rs 120 crores has been spent by the ministers on renovating their houses.

Offices and house renovation at tax payers cost?

Did we hear a few months back about a dirty word called “Austerity”?

Can someone please decode this mystery?

W.e.f Monday, the water charges in Delhi have been raised by two and half times. This at a time when the wage goods are out of reach of the common man.

Irony is that, the day water charges have been increased is the day Govt has announced reduction in the price of ATF(aviation turbine fuel).Rich man’s fuel will cost less and poor man’s water will cost more.

Could the common man have been saved the water burden?

Can someone please decode this mystery?

GDP reaches a figure of 7.90 % for quarter ending Sept 09.

So what?

Inflation,food prices, touches 14.35 % highest in the recent years.

Those who are concerned about GDP do not care about inflation and those who are dying under pressure of inflation do not understand GDP,they understand MEHNGAI only.

Can someone please decode this mystery?

Has the Govt lost touch with the ground reality?

Has the Govt lost touch with the common man?

Has the Govt decided to frame policies on GDP and SENSEX basis?

Can someone please decode this mystery?

Should there be a mechanism by which the tax payer's money is not misused ?


posted b k chowla 01/12/09