Monday, January 25, 2010


It is 60 yrs since we became a Republic and 62 years since we got independence. We are independent, but are we free? It can be only concluded if we analyse and compare both the periods, pre (then) and post (now) 1947.A lot has been achieved, DESPITE, the Govt. A lot has to be achieved.
THEN-We were being ruled by the British.
NOW-We are still being ruled even though we have elected representatives.

THEN-British divided us as a divide and rule policy.
NOW-We stand divided by the politicians on basis of caste-religion-language.

THEN –We became a nation comprising of so many states
NOW-We are busy breaking and creating new states.

THEN-We were following the IPC and CrPc of the year 1861.
NOW-We are still following the same damn laws of 1861.

THEN- we were following the India Postal Act of 1898
NOW-We are still following the same Indian Postal Act 1898

THEN-Those in power had high security and cut off from common man.
NOW-Those in power have high security, commandos, cut off from common man.

THEN-We were expected to pay tax-ask no questions-suffer in silence, helpless.
NOW-We still pay taxes-ask no questions-suffer in silence, helpless.

THEN-We had electricity and water to drink and bathe.
NOW-We pay for water and electricity but have no water to drink and bathe.

THEN-The Govt was run by bureaucrats.
NOW-The Govt is run by bureaucrats.

THEN-British dynasty ruled the country.
NOW-Every party, including regional, has dynastic tendency.

THEN-We had Gandhi,Bose,Nehru,Bahgat Singh,Patel, Kamraj
NOW-We have Soren, Lallu, Paswan, Koda, Mulayam.

Then-Judiciary took summer and winter vacations.(it was to suit the gora saab)
NOW-Judiciary takes summer and winter vacation.(it is to suit the political saab)

THEN-Police went around with Lathis
NOW-Police still go around with Lathis.

THEN –The Queen took all the final decisions
NOW- Do you know?...?....?....?

PAPPU is still looking for ROTI-KAPADA-MAKAAN.


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Sunday, January 17, 2010


Sharad Pawar is the President of a Political Party----NCP...Not a coincidence.

Sharad Pawar left congress because of Sonia’s foreign origin and now supports congress Govt.-- He is a Minister...not a coincidence.

Sharad Pawar is the Minister for Agriculture...Not a coincidence.

Sharad Pawar is said to have a strong influence on Maharashtra sugar lobby...not a coincidence.

Most of the NCP members are from the sugar lobby...not a coincidence.

Sugar prices are on the rise for the last few months...Not a coincidence.

It is reported that sugar mills have a sweet balance sheet this year...Not a coincidence.

It is rumoured that sugar was diverted for producing booze before 2009 elections...Not a coincidence

Sharad Pawar , on the 11th jan said that he is not an astrologer to predict sugar prices...Not a coincidence

Sharad Pawar held a press conference on the 13th jan(end of festival season) to announce that sugar prices will decline in 10 days time (what changed between 11th-13th?)...not a coincidence

Sharad Pawar, on the 13th, blamed the states and VAT for price rise...Not a coincidence.

Delhi Govt, on the 14th, increased the VAT including on pulses etc resulting in price rise...not a coincidence.

India exported sugar few months back at about Rs 12/kg...not a coincidence

India is importing sugar at about Rs 30/kg now...Not a coincidence.

Central allocation has been reportedly reduced to some states like Kerala-MP-Chittisgarh(non cong states)...Not a coincidence

Sugar prices started to increase just before festival season...not a coincidence

Sugar prices CRISES meeting was held on the last date of the festival season—14th jan...not a coincidence.


Is there anything stinking in this sweet sour sugar mess?... Not a coincidence.

PAPPU is still looking for ROTI-KAPADA –MAKAAN.....not a coincidence.


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Monday, January 11, 2010


Ruchika Gerhotra case has bought a very serious issue up front---Medals for the Police officers.

We might be able to understand the issue better if it is made clear whether—

-the Police is a force or a Service?

As things and law stands, Police dept reports to the State Govt and the Chief Minister is the authority on postings and transfers---that is where the mess and muck starts to collect and stink. This is the stage where the Police and Politician nexus comes into play. Police is being used by the state Govt as personal force and settle personal score. Police and Politicians nexus helps each other in alleged corruption, illegal activities, and fund collection---and both become millionaires.

Politicians do not need medals-Police does.

The state Govt in power recommends various medals for the favourite police officers and in most of the cases; police officer does get the medals after which he is said to be A DECORATED OFFICER.

Stripping a corrupt, tainted, convicted officer of his medals is setting a precedent.

This is an excellent decision by the Govt----good job but raises a related issue.

Out 543 MPs in current Parliament, it is reported that about 190 MPs have a criminal, tainted record/background.


If there are laws of discrediting the police and stripping them off their medals, should there not be laws in place for the convicted or tainted Politicians?

Why are the politicians above the law?

Why should it take years to frame charges against any politician or police officer, be it criminal or disproportionate assets case?

Why should the rules be framed by the corrupt and tainted in Parliament?

Why should those corrupt politicians and Bureaucrats who connive and recommend medals for the convicted police officers not be discredited too and banned from public life for life?

How and why are the tainted- corrupt politicians or police officers allowed to escape the law?

Why is the conviction rate amongst the politicians or police officers so low?

How can one explain so many retired Police officers favourites as State Governors?

Why are police reforms not being implemented despite SC intervention?

Still---PAPPU is looking for ROTI-KAPADA-MAKKAN.


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Sunday, January 3, 2010


It was again Monday,the laziest day of the week.

Pappu got up as usual in the morning and was happy that there was water in the tap. Excited, he told his wife the good news of water but realised, there wasn’t electricity, so he had a cold water bath.
Pappu read the morning news about aviation sector having sacked staff .Worried he was, there was fear of prospective sacking in the BPO sector also. Whilst leaving for work, Pappu tried to explain to his wife on the slowdown in the US economy and the consequences for Indian BPOs. Most unconcerned, she reminded him to get ALOO and SHIMLA MIRCH from the weekly market in the evening (Rs 21/ and Rs 69/kg)

Pappu drove his scooter very carefully on the left side avoiding all the pot holes and the under construction metro flyover as yesterday one collapsed crushing bus and few cars(they say some people died and the contractor was fined).As a consequence of driving slow, Pappu reached late to work. He was told, HR is holding a meeting with the management to decide on the fate of the excess staff till the Govt does not agree to a bail out package(nice word for blackmail). He held his breath (was worried about ALOO and SHIMAL MIRCHI) till he was told he was in safe zone due to intervention of the Govt as in case of aviation staff .Confidentially, Pappu came to know confidentially that they actually got saved as it was MD's daughter's birthday and he was in good mood.(they dined at the TAJ and signed the credit card worth Rs17129..austerity, you see) Pappu called home to say he will leave in time...he normally uses office landline as incoming on his wife's mobile is free. In case of emergency, she gives him a missed call. On his way back, he stopped at the weekly market to buy ALLO and SHIMLA MIRCHI but price had risen to Rs 27/ and Rs 74/kg respectively.(sharad pawar says it is because of global warming-he must be awarded on 26th Jan) Keeping his budget in mind, he bought lesser qty to compensate for the price rise.

On reaching home, while listening to TV news he was happy, there was electricity, petrol prices were not raised, gas still has subsidy, Rs strengthened by 1.5 paisa against Dollar, there wasn’t any bomb blast the whole day, Govt assured they will not tolerate any terror attacks, there wasn’t any breaking news that inflation had gone up any further, Parliament worked the lowest number of days this year in history..hence less violence in the Parliament, there was no threat to the Govt from any partner, sensex was above 15000 level,there was assurance from Finance Minister that economy is in good shape except growth will be slow,banks are safe so are deposits, there is hope that BPOs also may be considered for a bailout package
Pappu was very relaxed till his wife questioned him of the prices of ALOO and SHIMLA MIRCHI.He tried explaining her of the meaning of all the assurances the Govt has given on the TV. She was quite upset that a popular SAS BAHU serial is going off air after 8 years , and the Govt hasn’t yet appointed an commission of enquiry. Pappu was about to retire for the day and looking forward to another good and safe day tomorrow and Pappu's wife was in her own thoughts, contend with small happy moments with BALIKA BADHU....

we are all busy with our own day to day middle class problems...till some candidates come asking for votes without even telling us as to was the fate of last election promises.

We still don’t know the power of our vote.They don't care

What does Pappu want? ROTI- KAPADA - MAKAAN


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