Monday, January 25, 2010


It is 60 yrs since we became a Republic and 62 years since we got independence. We are independent, but are we free? It can be only concluded if we analyse and compare both the periods, pre (then) and post (now) 1947.A lot has been achieved, DESPITE, the Govt. A lot has to be achieved.
THEN-We were being ruled by the British.
NOW-We are still being ruled even though we have elected representatives.

THEN-British divided us as a divide and rule policy.
NOW-We stand divided by the politicians on basis of caste-religion-language.

THEN –We became a nation comprising of so many states
NOW-We are busy breaking and creating new states.

THEN-We were following the IPC and CrPc of the year 1861.
NOW-We are still following the same damn laws of 1861.

THEN- we were following the India Postal Act of 1898
NOW-We are still following the same Indian Postal Act 1898

THEN-Those in power had high security and cut off from common man.
NOW-Those in power have high security, commandos, cut off from common man.

THEN-We were expected to pay tax-ask no questions-suffer in silence, helpless.
NOW-We still pay taxes-ask no questions-suffer in silence, helpless.

THEN-We had electricity and water to drink and bathe.
NOW-We pay for water and electricity but have no water to drink and bathe.

THEN-The Govt was run by bureaucrats.
NOW-The Govt is run by bureaucrats.

THEN-British dynasty ruled the country.
NOW-Every party, including regional, has dynastic tendency.

THEN-We had Gandhi,Bose,Nehru,Bahgat Singh,Patel, Kamraj
NOW-We have Soren, Lallu, Paswan, Koda, Mulayam.

Then-Judiciary took summer and winter vacations.(it was to suit the gora saab)
NOW-Judiciary takes summer and winter vacation.(it is to suit the political saab)

THEN-Police went around with Lathis
NOW-Police still go around with Lathis.

THEN –The Queen took all the final decisions
NOW- Do you know?...?....?....?

PAPPU is still looking for ROTI-KAPADA-MAKAAN.


posted 25/01/10 b k chowla

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