Monday, January 11, 2010


Ruchika Gerhotra case has bought a very serious issue up front---Medals for the Police officers.

We might be able to understand the issue better if it is made clear whether—

-the Police is a force or a Service?

As things and law stands, Police dept reports to the State Govt and the Chief Minister is the authority on postings and transfers---that is where the mess and muck starts to collect and stink. This is the stage where the Police and Politician nexus comes into play. Police is being used by the state Govt as personal force and settle personal score. Police and Politicians nexus helps each other in alleged corruption, illegal activities, and fund collection---and both become millionaires.

Politicians do not need medals-Police does.

The state Govt in power recommends various medals for the favourite police officers and in most of the cases; police officer does get the medals after which he is said to be A DECORATED OFFICER.

Stripping a corrupt, tainted, convicted officer of his medals is setting a precedent.

This is an excellent decision by the Govt----good job but raises a related issue.

Out 543 MPs in current Parliament, it is reported that about 190 MPs have a criminal, tainted record/background.


If there are laws of discrediting the police and stripping them off their medals, should there not be laws in place for the convicted or tainted Politicians?

Why are the politicians above the law?

Why should it take years to frame charges against any politician or police officer, be it criminal or disproportionate assets case?

Why should the rules be framed by the corrupt and tainted in Parliament?

Why should those corrupt politicians and Bureaucrats who connive and recommend medals for the convicted police officers not be discredited too and banned from public life for life?

How and why are the tainted- corrupt politicians or police officers allowed to escape the law?

Why is the conviction rate amongst the politicians or police officers so low?

How can one explain so many retired Police officers favourites as State Governors?

Why are police reforms not being implemented despite SC intervention?

Still---PAPPU is looking for ROTI-KAPADA-MAKKAN.


posted 11/01/10.b k chowla