Friday, March 26, 2010


Unless we get India educated, we will not succeed as a nation.
The young and educated are the future of India.

Of late a lot is being written and discussed about upgrading the education systems in India by getting foreign universities/ institutions to set up shop in India. It is a very positive development,but wonder if all the aspects of Indian socio-economic have been taken into account.Is the policy being formulated keeping the elite in mind and the big business houses for investment opportunity.

In the ongoing education reforms,there seems no reference to advancing of study loans to students at reasonable and affordable rates of interest. Deserving students/ children of middle class families do get into a situation where lack of funds becomes a major factor, hence the need for bank loans.

Most of the Banks have a category of “education loans”. Prevailing rate of interest for “education loan” is 12-13%. By an estimate, the present disbursed amount under this category is about Rs 30,000 crores to students.

We speak so proudly about India being amongst the youngest countries, and the largest middle class in the world but fail to provide the basic money/means at nominal rates to them for further their education.

Farmers’ loans to the extent of Rs 60,000crorers were waived in the recent budget. Is the establishment waiting for suicides by the students’ fraternity before waking up to reality? Or farmers are more vote material and students aren't?

India is a young country and dreams of being a super power. India needs to worry about its students, their education and MEANS to get that education.

Students need no charity; they need loans at reasonable rates, if not interest free.
Govt need not look at political issues all the time.
It is time to look and speak beyond politics of GDP and Sensex
It is time to ensure MEANS of education for the students.

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posted 26/03/10, author,b k chowla

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Most of our male politicians are generally seen wearing WHITE Clothes in public, in the Parliament, during elections. They are even seen driving around in WHITE Ambassador cars.
It is well known that in private life and Farm house parties they wear the best designer clothes, designer watches, designer shoes and drive around in the latest Merc (benami,though) and enjoy the best overseas holidays( at our expense).

Gucci, Versace etc are for them very ordinary possessions.

We,Hindus,wear WHITE Clothes for 13 days,only during an unfortunate period of mourning.

Like cats, politicians have nine lives. We have only one.

Why do politicians wear white all the time?

What message are the politicians sending to all of us?

Are they anticipating bad times ahead?

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posted 18/03/10 by b k chowla.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Technology is driving the modern world. Human beings are being identified by some or the other number. We have a PAN number. We have a mobile number. We will soon have a UID number. We have our ATM PIN number. We have our bank a/c ID number etc;

But, there is one number in India which is enviable!!!!


This number, when achieved, can make one sit in the seat of power of the largest Democracy in the world. This is the number which can make a party or a coalition rule this country of 100 crore + (1 BILLION+) people for five years.

Those who make this number possible, could be, Murderers, Rapists,Dacoits, Black marketers, Hoarders or whatever,they need not be educated, may not be in fit health, as long as they get elected. End is important and not the means.

Once number 272 –the number of MPs-is achieved, ruling party is in majority, is in the driver’s seat and can decide on the important appointments, postings for all those who helped them in their success and those who could be of use in the five years of rule. They can also take various decisions, change the laws, financial decisions, reward state honours, and extend favours, of which the common man, who brought them to power, may never know about.

The country is in the hands of those who have 272.

They can change the destiny of 1 billion people (16% OF WORLD POPULATION) with every decision, action--democratic or otherwise, they take.

So very important is number 272.

Vajpayee lost only by 1 vote as he had 271 and not 272.
In 1984,ruling party got 400+seats and lost in 1989 due to alleged corruption.
That is the value and strength of our vote.

We, you, me, we all ---are a part of that 16% of world population.

Before we make 272 possible---THINK.

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posted 11/03/10, b k chowla

Thursday, March 4, 2010


The time available to so many of us is so limited, should we say we are too involved in our own day to day problems/ opportunities that we don’t ask--- WHY--- to so many simple, innocent, unanswered actions/questions. I decided to jot down few of such queries/questions /actions which I think would be better off answered.

Who must answer, I don’t know.

WHY does it take to get a Pizza in 30 minutes but not an Ambulance?
WHY don’t they mention 1984 every time they mention Godhra.
WHY doesn’t media report any development related news on Gujarat?
WHY can’t CBI arrest Sajjan Kumar, despite 2 warrants against him?
WHY is the price of petrol and Sugar almost same in India?
WHY was Sugar being exported and imported at the same time from Kandla port?
WHY was sugar exported @Rs 12/ and imported @Rs 36/?
WHY is price of Daal in India reaching the price levels of Crude Oil?
WHY do TV news anchors scream so much?
WHY do women sleep with jewellery and full make-up on TV serials?
WHY can’t Jayanti N-Tiwari M-Singvi M-Ravi P-D Raja go off TV studios?
WHY can’t we have all security like MNIK?
WHY does a clerk always get caught accepting bribe but never an IAS officer?
WHY are there are no laws for conviction of likes of Rathore?
WHY don’t we have an announced policy on illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants?
WHY don’t we have record as to how many Pakis are overstaying in India?
WHY is Rly budget becoming a state centric subject? Bihar, now WB.
WHY has Delhi a miserable ratio of one traffic constable for 8.70 km of road?
WHY TMC and DMK are called communal when with NDA and secular when with UPA?

If anyone of you has any answer, I will be happy to record.

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posted 04/03/10, b k chowla