Thursday, March 4, 2010


The time available to so many of us is so limited, should we say we are too involved in our own day to day problems/ opportunities that we don’t ask--- WHY--- to so many simple, innocent, unanswered actions/questions. I decided to jot down few of such queries/questions /actions which I think would be better off answered.

Who must answer, I don’t know.

WHY does it take to get a Pizza in 30 minutes but not an Ambulance?
WHY don’t they mention 1984 every time they mention Godhra.
WHY doesn’t media report any development related news on Gujarat?
WHY can’t CBI arrest Sajjan Kumar, despite 2 warrants against him?
WHY is the price of petrol and Sugar almost same in India?
WHY was Sugar being exported and imported at the same time from Kandla port?
WHY was sugar exported @Rs 12/ and imported @Rs 36/?
WHY is price of Daal in India reaching the price levels of Crude Oil?
WHY do TV news anchors scream so much?
WHY do women sleep with jewellery and full make-up on TV serials?
WHY can’t Jayanti N-Tiwari M-Singvi M-Ravi P-D Raja go off TV studios?
WHY can’t we have all security like MNIK?
WHY does a clerk always get caught accepting bribe but never an IAS officer?
WHY are there are no laws for conviction of likes of Rathore?
WHY don’t we have an announced policy on illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants?
WHY don’t we have record as to how many Pakis are overstaying in India?
WHY is Rly budget becoming a state centric subject? Bihar, now WB.
WHY has Delhi a miserable ratio of one traffic constable for 8.70 km of road?
WHY TMC and DMK are called communal when with NDA and secular when with UPA?

If anyone of you has any answer, I will be happy to record.

PAPPU is still looking for ROTI-KAPADA-MAKAAN.


posted 04/03/10, b k chowla

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