Friday, April 30, 2010


Some of the recent happenings in the Country have been very upsetting. It seems our priorities have gone wrong.

ASHAMED—Mizoram CM reminds ”Politicians in New Delhi” and “People in mainland India” that “Dravidians live in the south, Aryans in the North and Mongolians in the North East”(this coming from an elected CM of a state of India)

ASHAMED—782 Million Indians will be living under less than $2 a day by 2015. These are the findings of Joint report by the IMF and WB (Report titled “Global monitoring report 2010”). (And we are dreaming of being a super power.)

ASHAMED—“People have money...They will have to pay more for power if they use more”...Says Sheila Dixit.( She will feel the pinch the day she is made to pay)

ASHAMED—Minister's family can change the AI fly schedules, can divert Flts ,AI can change to larger unscheduled aircraft to accommodate ministers daughter and son in law for their holidays despite AI having posted a loss of Rs 7200 crores(Remember Raj-Rawadas?)

ASHAMED—MCI chief Ketan Desai arrested taking Rs 2 crores bribe. He is alleged to be close to the minister for health and was not in favour of Dr Rammodass(corruption?)

ASHAMED—Phones of politicians have allegedly been tapped.HM says it was not authorised but just happened by National Technical Research Organisation (technology overtakes our governance)

ASHAMED—IPL auction took place in India. The bids were in Dollars, the payments were made in Dollars three years back. What was the RBI waiting for, for three years? Why was CBI , RAW, IB, Intelligence agency, Police,CLB all quiet for three years if everything with IPL was illegal? How that is all the members of IPL governing council go scot free but were there to enjoy the perks of the council?

ASHAMED—Liquor is being stored in FCI warehouse in Jaipur and Punjab but, wheat is kept rotting in the open. Rats are being fed and children are dying of malnutrition.

ASHAMED—Scams, Bribes, Probes, Reports, Judicial enquiry, Dept enquiry. One is sick and tired of listening to these phrases.


posted 30/04/10, author b k chowla