Thursday, June 10, 2010


In the last few years, there has been a lot of talk in getting the younger generation in to politics.

But who are these young ones from Youngistan? These are those chosen and privileged ones who are from one or the other political influential family.There are about 90 such MPs in the Parliament. To give an example, look at few of the Younger ones

Rahul Gandhi (Rajeev Gandhi)-Sachin Pilot(Rajesh Pilot)-Sandeep Dixit(Shiela Dixit)-Jyotiraditya Scindia (Madhavrao Scindia)-Suhasini Sule(S Pawar)-Jatin Prasad(J P rasad)-Omar Abdulla(Farooq (Abdulla)-Akhlesh Yaday(Mulayam singh)-Agatha Sangma (P A Sangma)-Kanzimori(Karunanidhi)-Varun Gandhi(Maneka Gandhi) on and on and on and on. Can we name one single young MP who is not from political family?

Will it be right and fair to expect them to do anything different than their parents did? Their party did? Their party’s (SIC) ideology? e,g

To follow the leader (cong) who himself is one amongst them but more equal than others?

Will Sachin Pilot, Scindia,Sandeep Dixit ever go beyond RG’s instructions?

Do exactly what the party says (cong /non cong)

Will Ajit Singh’s son not like to find a place in cabinet irrespective of ideology?

Will these young ones perform better or will become a part of the sycophancy.

Will Akhilesh Yadav ever make up with Mayawati?

Will Varun Gandhi not follow BJP line?

Will Karuna allow his daughter not to get the best for TN/party than for the country?

How is it heading a political party different than heading a multibillion $ company? It is a high return business where the culprits form the rules.

So what wonders can we expect from the youngistan,if any? Why can’t non political families’ children also be brought into politics?

If these young ones had to perform, get noticed and stand by national interest, they all would have taken a stand on the following issues

Bhopal-Manipur-Caste Census-Inflation-Afzal Guru-Kasab-Foreign Policy-Naxals,-Internal Security-Illegal Immigrants-Governance-Corruption-Accountability,on and on and on. None of them have opened their mouth on these issues yet.

So what has changed---Change is visible. They have switched to Gucci brand suits and shoes and other branded accessories from what their seniors wore as Khadi with Gandhi Topi.

Nothing will change, except, perhaps the volume of black money and of course sycophancy.

PAPPU is still awaiting ROTI-KAPADA-MAKAAN


posted 10/06/10, b k chowla