Sunday, August 8, 2010


We are lucky that we are living in a democratic country.

Perhaps, we are too lazy, have a laid back attitude and are diseased with chalta hai attitude. May be we are justified in blaming the system for all the ills, but we must ask ourselves as to why don’t we raise our voice and make government accountable for the policies-actions they formulate. Let us not forget, those in Delhi have been voted in by us to GOVERN, not rule, and be accountable. We are indifferent towards the missing links, and are being taken for granted.

There has to be accountability by the politician.

ACCOUNTABLE?-NCAER report says one Indian spends Rs 36/ on health care per month,which cant buy one Crocin tab/day. VIPs get free treatment.

ACCOUNTABLE?-Govt spent Rs 2.62 crores buying generator sets for schools, but “forgot” to install those while warranty period has expired. Gensets are still lying unattended.

ACCOUNTABLE?-DU north campus has 200 students in MA English class with seating arrangements for only 120.Students keep standing while class is on.

ACCOUNTABLE?-A junior staff taking bribe of Rs 300 gets a sack and VIP misappropriating 300 crores+ faces unending enquiry and goes scot free.

ACCOUNTABLE?-Rs 17000 crores worth food grains rot outside govt warehouse due to lack of storage space while poor die of hunger. Parliament canteen gives subsidised food to MPs.

ACCOUNTABLE?-PFI threatens to make Kerala a Muslim state, Assam has Bangladeshis walking in and being used as Muslim vote banks, Srinagar burns while govt and media spark Hindu terror scare.

ACCOUNTABLE?-Illegal mining is flourishing in Karnataka, AP, Haryana with political connivance while illegal exports are flourishing.

ACCOUNTABLE?-We play Dalit politics, caste politics, religious politics, minority politics, region politics, state politics and still have unrest in most of states.

ACCOUNTABLE?-Govt’s own report suggests that 30% of medicines in the market are spurious.

ACCOUNTABLE?-Houses meant for the poor get allotted to favourites across party lines under Chief Minister’s Discretionary Quota Scheme.

ACCOUNTABLE?-The number of cases pending in the courts will take more than 300yrs to dispose of

ACCOUNTABLE?-Soldiers posted at Siachen are being fed with food packs which have expired 28 months back. These soldiers guard Indian Territory.

Who should be accountable for CWG mess? By the time the games get over, everything would have been forgotten and “settled”

It is time that we started asking questions, we might get some answers.

PAPPU is still awaiting ROTI-KAPADA-MAKAAN.


posted o8/08/10, b k chowla

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