Saturday, September 25, 2010


Conjunctivitis is spreading in Delhi .
It is almost blinding and blind cant see.

To complete the picture, mention could have been made of,Sugar scam,Telecom scam,
Koda,Satyam,NREGA,IPL etc as these would have totalled up to a significant percentage of
country's GDP.By the time UPA completes it's term,picture could become much bigger.

PAPPU is still awaiting ROTI-KAPADA-MAKAAN.


posted 25/09/10, b k chowla

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Saturday, September 18, 2010


The constitution of India provides for following and practicing one's religion (or not following any) as per one’s own wish.

Thank God for that.

What is very intriguing to me is as to why does the Govt controls institutions of Hindu religion?

Sikh Gurudwaras are under direct control of SGPC as per Sikh Gurudwaras Act 1925 and the Govt of India has no control, except for monitoring the inflow of foreign funds.

Church in India is not under any control of govt of and it is controlled by a trust. In 1927, Parliament passed a bill --India Church Act and India Church Measures which created autonomous Church of India, Burma, Ceylon. Perhaps, Govt monitors the inflow of foreign funds.

Masjids in India are defiantly not under govt control. I do not have technical details, but considering the appeasement policies, its mind set since independence, even if Govt had the control, it may have willingly surrendered its claim to keep Muslims on their side and happy.

Why, in such case, does Govt have control on Indian religious institutions, like Siddhivinayak Temple Mumbai, TTD in Tirumala (TIRUPATI) etc and so many more institutions?

Are we Hindus too vulnerable?

Are the Hindus too tolerant?

Are Hindu religious institutions flushed with funds?

Are they wanting to control the majority sentiments?

Are the Hindus in agreement with such arrangement?

Are the Hindus divided, hence advantage political/Govt control?

My Christian, Muslim and Sikh friends and readers may like to correct any statement here if it is found to be incorrect.

PAPPU is still awaiting ROTI-KAPADA-MAKAN.


Ganapti Bappa Morya.

posted 18/10/10, b k chowla.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


We are a nation with highest number of young population .In the last couple of years, there is a lot of focus on involvement of young blood in politics. Stastically, more than 50% of Indians comprise youngsters, hence we can presume the figure to be around 55 crores. It will be only fair to identify the category to which the young population belongs.

CATEGORY 1-About 25 crore belong to the category who earn less than Rs 20/day. Those with empty stomach and unclothed bodies can vote for only those who pay them for votes. They don’t belong to any party, any religion or caste. They belong to the poor class, hence can’t form an opinion.

CATEGORY 2-These are those youngsters (students or otherwise) belonging to either political or business families. For them politics is out of choice (dynastic) as a career or need to further business interests. They run the govt, they fund the govt, and they help form the govt.

CATEGORY 3-These are the ones who actually have the time and inclination to read, compare, express, analyse and change the face of the nation. This category consists of students, employed, unemployed but most of them are focused and cannot be taken lightly.

Two recent incidents will confirm to my statement.

Recently, Chairman Planning commission, Montek Singh Ahluwalia was in Kolkata addressing students. One would have expected students to interact with him on serious issues (from politician’s point of view).What turned out was an anti climax. Students were angry about inflation and perhaps could not get a satisfactory reply from him. Rotten eggs and tomatoes were thrown at him and he had to be whisked away by security staff. WHY? Well more reason than one—as chairman of planning commission, for the last 15 months, he has been predicting various dates for inflation to come down, which hasn’t happened and the other reason being his closeness to PM. So, inflation, governance, accountability are issues with the students and they can express with anger.

Last week, Delhi University Students Union elections were held. DUSU has been in control of congress‘s NSUI for the last 12 yrs. It is rumoured that this time the candidates were handpicked by Rahul Gandhi. Congress may want to underplay this defeat but it may be a setback, especially when congress is on students membership drive. Delhi students have expressed their anger and sent a strong msg about inflation, corruption in CWG. Inflation, corruption, governance are issues with students and they can express anger.

In the coming years, it is the category 3 youngsters, opinion formers, educated, prospective leaders, who will decide the fate and face of this nation as they don’t need sermons’, caste divide, region divide and religion fuel. They will bridge the gap between India and Bharat.

PAPPU is still awaiting Roti-Kapada-Makaan


posted 08/10/10, b k chowla